Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Vintage Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #4

This is the week beginning December 8th-December 14th


During the Matt/Jeff match with Lita as the special referee things ended controversially as Lita counted to three and gave Jeff the win while Matt's foot was on the bottom rope unknown to her. Oh dear.

Trish Stratus def. Jacqueline to retain the Women's Championship:
This one starts off basically enough, Jackie taking control with a back body drop. Trish gets a couple of kicks to the puppies that has Jackie seemingly legit pissed off. Jackie goes apeshit on the rookie champ with some aggressive stomping and a couple of body slams. Trish gets a bit of offence on her side with a short-arm clothesline. Things continue to fall apart as Trish attempts a cringeworthy bridging roll up. Jackie gets *another* back body drop and a couple of elbows right to the face. Trish chops Jackie a couple of times before going for the Stratusfaction. Jackie blocks it and drops Trish right on her ass. Some more stiff kicks from Jackie and the two of them eventually clonk heads. Trish gets the win with a backslide and the two shake hands afterwards.
Well that was painful on so many levels. There's apparently a story behind this match - when Trish got those early kicks in, she got Jackie right on her chest and winded her which really pissed her off so she started stiffing her for the rest of the match. Things certainly looked awkward in the middle there, almost as if they went off script and tried to freestyle things. There were a couple of nice spots but not much else to say except what you'd expect with one worker deliberately making their opponent look bad. I'm not going to comment on that either since I'm not sure if anything has ever been confirmed and that's just what I've heard. Oh and 3:45 for a PPV match which is something that certainly wouldn't happen today, never mind what they get on Raw. 2/10

The Dudley Boyz def. The Rock & Trish Stratus to retain the Tag Team titles:
Yes, you read that right. As expected Rock works most of the match on his own and when he actually wants to make a tag, Stacy runs over to pull Trish down from the apron. Trish eventually does make a tag and delivers the Wazzup headbutt to poor (or fortunate) D-Von Dudley. Stacy gets up on the apron and Rock drags her into the ring, body slams her and Trish does the headbutt again. Test runs down to interfere and while The Rock is distracted, the Dudleys hit the 3D on Trish to retain.
Pretty cool set-up here and I do miss WWE doing intergender stuff (darned PG rating). Trish giving the Wazzup headbutt was a golden moment and it's a surprising touch to see creative team not burying their Women's Champion. Even though she lost to men, they had Test distracting The Rock and the Dudleys double teaming her which is something I admire. In TNA it was a different story when Awesome Kong got made to look completely weak against the men. Overall rating: 7/10

Lita is backstage apologising to Matt Hardy for her little goof last night. She's apparently booked to face him in a handicap match later on. Matt says "like Team Xtreme, you and me are breaking up" and slams the door in her face.

Matt Hardy def. Lita & Jeff Hardy in an intergender Handicap match:
Lita tries to calm the two brothers down but Matt knocks her aside and starts the match anyway. Jeff and Matt work the match on their own for the most part but towards the end, Lita has clearly had enough of Matt's nonsense and scales the top rope. She lands a picture perfect Litacanrana to a thunderous pop from the crowd. She ends up making a blind tag while she's comforting Jeff and that gives Matt the chance to roll her up for three.
Another dose of intergender action though Lita did considerably less than Trish, though her one spot was enjoyable. Going back to what I said about the other match, good to see the WWE not burying one of their big stars by having Matt end things with a distraction finish. 6/10


Lita is walking around backstage and Test approaches her, asking her out (the actual quote is "when you're with Test, you forget about the rest") but she says she wants to be alone. Him not taking no for an answer prompts Jeff Hardy to challenge him to a match.

Torrie Wilson also made an appearance at the side of her boyfriend Tajiri as he retained his Cruiserweight title against Crash Holly. After the match Crash attacks Tajiri from behind and goes after Torrie. The Hurricane appears on the scene to save her but no sign of Mighty Molly (sigh).

And rounding up the Diva segments has Stacy Keibler once again getting involved in the Dudley Boyz's tag team match by getting up on the apron. Albert responds to this by pulling her skirt down to her ankles. Oh my

Again not the best week considering there was a lame PPV match and no actual women's matches on either show. Still sufficient use of Divas in segments so it's not a total loss.

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