Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #40

How fitting that the 40th entry here just happens to be the final one going into WrestleMania. I gotta say it's definitely a bit of a buzz to hear about Maria's injury. That goes to show why you shouldn't dance and wrestle at the same time. Anyway it does possibly open up a slot for another Diva to replace her - who could it be? Or perhaps Maria will simply have restricted ring time. Let's have a look at how the week built this up.

Raw - Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly:
Hmm, the match that was supposedly going to be on the WrestleMania card before they swerved us by adding in Beth and Maria. It is weird to see Beth and Eve teaming together but I'm sure they'll go back to being frenemies once WrestleMania is over. I'll say it now that I'm not that impressed with Eve's wrestling. I'm sure she is still working on adjusting to wrestling as a heel especially when 80% of her moveset was suited to a face but that submission is the right way to go. Now she should just develop some proper hard-hitting moves that are unique for her, not going the way of the Bellas who just resort to rest holds and call it a day. Anyway the match was fine and Kelly worked well enough with Eve, also they got a respectable amount of time to work. It's a strange thing to have Kelly win, does this mean the odds are stacked in the heels' favour? I hope the heels do win because ultimately at WrestleMania the division shouldn't be overlooked. Just like at WrestleMania 24 when Beth and Melina went over Maria and Ashley. That being said the match should be good provided it has enough time and Eve and Maria polish themselves up a bit. 5/10

Ring Ka King - Angelina Love & Raisha Saeed Catfight:
As I expected, Angelina has now moved onto Raisha, after having her singles match with Alyssa Flash (which I'm still reeling from). Raisha was looking a bit like a hippie this week which is a Halloween costume I'd love to see someone attempt. There's something funny about seeing two trained and accomplished female wrestlers have a good old fashioned catfight but what better way to build to a match between them? Enjoyable segment anyway, if a little short.

Impact - Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky:
Well it's about time. Not for another Madison/Velvet match since that was only two weeks ago but I seriously am psyched for this Gail/Velvet feud. I've been very critical of TNA over the past...well forever for their stupid hot potato with the title and their stop-start epilepsy with feuds and storylines but they've finally gotten their act together it seems. If they can up the ante for this feud then Velvet could really get the push she needs to finally become a star in TNA. She is very popular and they really dropped the ball with her by not giving her a proper singles push for the title or a long title reign like WWE did for Kelly. However now that can be fixed by making this a long running feud. True the next PPV is Lockdown and the sake of having a cage match as the first stop in the feud is a bit of an awkward situation as if Velvet loses, what do you build to from there? And if she wins, have they pulled the trigger on her too soon? Although Gail has had a long run as champion and gotten some clean wins under her belt against Madison and Tara, I feel there could be more done with her so I'd like to see Velvet feud with her some more. As for the match, better than the one two weeks ago. It was a bit shorter but it was to the point and it got the job done. All the exchanges looked so solid and really got me excited for this feud. Velvet's promo was fine as well, though we know she's capable of better. 7/10

A fairly uneventful week as NXT, Smackdown, Superstars, Xplosion and FCW were all devoid of Diva action. I've got big hopes for WrestleMania as, in addition to the tag team match, we're also guaranteed to see AJ on the show as part of the World Championship match. I don't know why but I really feel a heel turn coming along. I mean, Nattie's turned face now and they do need to even it up a bit. It seems a little too easy that AJ will turn on Daniel Bryan that I feel a swerve coming on. Either way it should be a good Mania moment. I also expect to see Vickie Guerrero managing Team Johnny and possibly Aksana on Team Teddy. I'm doubtful since she was strangely left off Raw this week. Perhaps she could turn on Teddy as well? As for the Bellas, I'm expecting a backstage segment to give them their payday or maybe they'll even find themselves at ringside for Team Teddy vs Team Johnny. I'm also expecting Maria to announce a last minute replacement for herself and just be the team's manager - introduce Alicia Fox, Natalya or a returning Layla. Whatever happens, it's sure to be an enjoyable WrestleMania.

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