Friday 4 May 2012

Introducing The Fave Five #1 - The Bella Twins

Here’s a nifty new concept I’ve just thought of. Inspired 50% by the Bella Twins departing this week and 50% by one of Booker T’s pet catchphrases, I’ve decided to compile a list of my “fave five” in relation to different former WWE superstars and divas. These will be the five moments that stand out from their career the most, including matches, promos and even random witty backstage segments. So here we go, the Fave Five moments from the WWE careers of Nikki and Brie Bella.

5) Sister vs Sister:
Divas getting a main event slot on any show is a shock on its own these days. After all, Kelly Kelly main eventing Smackdown in 2011 (twice) was something special but she was a popular Diva and involved in a storyline about the World Heavyweight Championship. The Bellas however got a feud of their own in 2009 with tension teasing between them and each sister allying herself with a respective Tag Team Champion. When the inevitable singles match between them came about, the sisters actually got the main event slot on an episode of ECW with the Colons and Miz & Morrison at ringside. Watching the match won’t change your life in any way because it wasn’t a very good encounter. The action was passable but it paled in comparison to the stellar Melina/McCool matches going on at the same time. But still for any Diva feud to be given the main event slot in a show is a noteworthy achievement and therefore earns a spot on this list. Nikki said in an interview her dream match would be to face Brie at WrestleMania. Personally I think that match now would be much better than the ECW one because both of them have improved significantly since then.

4) Poking A Pregnant Dragon:
While Divas getting a main event slot is a rarity, girls getting promo time is slowly becoming more commonplace and the Divas seem to slowly but surely be getting chances to let the fans know their characters. However back when this promo happened, it was a different story. The Bellas had never really had the chance to cut a proper live promo and here they got to do it with one of the company’s top Divas. This was a heavily hyped segment where Kharma announced her pregnancy to the live audience and then the Bellas got the chance to get a rub off the outgoing lady. This was definitely the best promo either of the twins ever cut during their career and they were getting amazing heat for it. It’s too bad WWE never really followed up on this and allowed the twins to insult more superstars, sans for that infamous fiasco with Kelly Kelly last year, as they could have become proper despicable heels. It’s also too bad that Kharma didn’t get to demolish them like she promised as that would have been a more fitting exit than losing a 10-second title match on Raw.

3) Vintage Twin Magic:
Diva debuts are always a hit-and-miss ordeal. Some of them are good, some make you want to tear out your eyes and juggle them with knives at the sight of the trainwreck going on in front of you. Obviously this debut was the former. Brie debuted alone on Smackdown in late 2008 against Victoria and confused fans alike by pulling the switcheroo for the first time. At the time it was genuinely a shocking occurrence and the fans loved it for being unique. Naturally it got old real fast. But leaving the switch aside for a moment, the actual ring work was impressive for a debut match. Brie showed a bit of flair in the ring with some nice moves, which is also curious considering Nikki has always been the more solid worker of the two. There was definitely potential there in Brie but it’s up to you to decide whether or not any of it was tapped into during her and Nikki’s careers.

2) The Forgotten Heel Turn:
NXT Season 3 is largely remembered for being the most random and outrageous show WWE has ever produced. The Bellas being actual pros on the show was outrageous in itself (their rookie Jamie Keyes was the first girl eliminated) but they got to have an especially good time once their rookie was gone. In a match against Kelly Kelly and Naomi, Nikki didn’t seem to take too kindly to how Brie was being treated and went absolutely apeshit on poor Naomi. I actually loved it. It was a unique bit of storytelling having one partner turn heel during the match and the team stay together with the dynamic going on. Nikki played a heel for the rest of the season and showed how natural she was at it. Brie also showed some newfound potential as well as the face playing off Nikki’s heel. Though it did give a bit of Mood Whiplash when both of them were still faces whenever they appeared on Raw alongside NXT.

1) Ding! Catfight!:
The Bellas got a storyline of their own at the end of 2010 where both of them courted US Champion Daniel Bryan and made a bet to see which of them could become his “first”. But in a twist worthy of Days of Our Lives, it was revealed that he had been seeing Gail Kim all along (and that the twins did not know the difference between a virgin and a vegan). Enraged, the Bellas turned heel and had a monstrous catfight with Gail that the suits backstage loved so much they immediately capitalised on it and gave them three more. Some catfights can look awkward but all of these were just plain awesome, one even made it to PPV as well. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it’s a good thing that the best moment of two WWE Divas’ careers is a catfight and only one actual match made the list for the ring work. 

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