Friday, 17 June 2011

100 days, 100 films

Ok in spirit of the whole starting a blog thingy I decided to create a video of my 100 greatest films (films I like, else there'd be a ton of other junk on the list) and I decided to go a step further and watch each film a day for the next 100 days. And after watching each film I'm gonna post a little entry about it.

Just to clear up a few things, I've never seen The Godfather, Star Wars or a good few other films that top the IMDb top 250 list. I have seen Citizen Kane but I didn't like it so you won't find it anywhere on my list. I respect the effort made but I just didn't enjoy it.

Just in case your curious, here are the first twenty films summarised nicely with a little 30 second scene (or more) right here in a video.

Start posting tomorrow with number 100 on the list

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