Friday, 24 June 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #2

Okay this week we do have a bit to talk about. A Divas' title match on Raw, a street fight on Impact, two matches on Superstars and Jacqueline's return to the ring in TNA. Let's get started:

Raw - Brie Bella* vs Kelly Kelly (Divas' Championship):
Cole proves once again that he just doesn't care when he constantly referred to Kelly as a former champion during the match. Do the friggin research for once. As for the match, I enjoyed it and I thought it was better than their last two anyway. It got a pretty respectable amount of time and I liked a few of the nice touches like Brie getting Kelly to chase her around the ring. Her new neckbreaker also looked pretty clean and I honestly thought the match would end there. Kelly was on form of course and it was good that we didn't see any spanking or stink faces, showing how serious this match was for her. I'm happy for her to become Divas' Champion since it's been coming a long time. She's the most over diva in WWE right now so it might be a good sign that they're building the division around someone they have faith in. A new champion could shake things up in the divsion though hopefully they won't push Nikki next. 6/10

Impact - Jacqueline & ODB vs Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher:
Yikes, welcome back to the ring Jackie. The brawl at the start was just awkward, no other way to describe it really. These women don't do brawls very well except maybe ODB. I just wanted it to get into the ring so we could see some actual wrestling. Sadly when it got to the ring there was a lot of sloppiness too. Jackie and ODB didn't really seem to know what they were supposed to be doing and the early parts of the match were just cringeworthy to watch. The spear was nicely done though and the match did pick up a lot when Velvet got tagged in. Her clotheslines looked very good and the crowd were hot for her. I couldn't believe Jackie actually kicked her in the crotch and I also can't believe that was the finish. Has that ever been a finish in a women's match in WWE or TNA? 5/10

Mickie James vs Winter (Street Fight):
Now this was more like it. I found it a bit shaky when they were going up the stairs onto the stage but everything else was fine. Those shots with the leather strap looked painful and the brawling on the stage was pretty cool. I especially liked those creative spots Mickie went for like the Thesz Press off the stage and the hurricanrana off the guard rail. I almost marked out a bit when Angelina came down and hit her finisher on Mickie but then they said the match was non-title. I thought that was a bit weird but maybe I just assumed it would be for the title since it was a special stipulation. Anyway they look like they're pulling the trigger on a Mickie/Winter program and I'm excited for that. If this is what they deliver then they should definitely be feuding. Can't wait for next week. 8/10

Superstars - Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina vs Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ:
Well it beat Smackdown's 6 diva tag anyway. I'm glad all six of these girls got plenty of time to have a good match. I have to say Kaitlyn looked quite good this time around especially with the double team and the sidewalk slam. I also liked Tamina's short arm clothesline. Nattie was also able to add a little bit more to her character like how she slapped Rosa after suplexing her, little things like that can help out characters a lot. It makes Nattie look a bit more no-nonsense in terms of character development. Rosa I can't really say much about. She didn't do much and what she did do, she did it fine without botching or anything so hopefully she's improving along with Kaitlyn and Tamina. We see even more good work between AJ and Alicia though it was a bit weird when AJ didn't go for a cover after that crossbody. The ending sequence was pretty nicely done even if it was that dreaded school girl we all despise. 7/10

Melina vs Gail Kim:
I like Melina's new gear, it's growing on me. I was very impressed with how the announcers were hyping up the feud even if the extra parts took place off TV and they didn't veer off topic like King and Cole usually do. Melina playing possum was a brilliant touch and I honestly thought she might be injured at first. It was also good to see her use the snapmare driver again. All in all this was miles better than their match a couple of weeks ago and Melina was a lot more crisp and smooth with her moves. Gail's comeback was great as well and the ending was interesting. With an ending like that could we be seeing this feud continue? The announcers certainly acted as if there was more to come. My only gripe with this match was that it was all over a bit too soon though if we're getting another match between them then that makes sense. 8/10

So definitely a much better week than last. Raw could be interesting to watch in the coming weeks with a new champion and a big fan favourite at that. We've also got another two feuds blossoming over in TNA that's getting pretty much all the Knockouts on TV. Next week we've got a six way elimination tag announced so that should be interesting. And could we be seeing a continuation of this drama between Melina and Gail Kim? Let's find out

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