Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #16

Hell In A Cell - Kelly Kelly* vs Beth Phoenix (Divas' Championship):
I've been really happy with all this time the divas have been getting on the PPVs. They've taken this opportunity and run with it to show what they can do when they're given time. That being said I enjoyed the Night of Champions match a lot better, mostly due to the crowd involvement but this was on par with SummerSlam and still a good match in its own right. Beth and Kelly have done well to mix things up and bring something new to the table every time they wrestle each other and I enjoyed all of Kelly's pin attempts, especially that one right before the bulldog attempt. I think Kelly was channeling Melina a bit with that facecrusher off the top rope but I don't know if Melina's used that in years. The match did have a bit of a sag in the middle but I definitely picked up towards the end. Eve and Natalya were once again well used at ringside though I thought the taunting Natalya did on the mic was unnecessary but she made up for it by hitting Kelly with the mic. So we have a new Divas' Champion and Kelly had a great first reign so let's see if the writers can keep this ball rolling and give Beth a good reign as well. 7/10

Raw - Kelly Kelly & Eve vs Divas of Doom:
Now I loved this. I was getting a bit nit picky with Kelly supposedly looking too smiley after losing her title but she easily contradicted it. There is something brilliant about seeing her go apeshit all over poor Beth who didn't even know what hit her. Obviously they didn't have enough time for a proper match (surprise surprise since it's the Triple H show again) but they used the little time they had well. I want to see more of psycho Kelly. Segment rating: 6/10

Superstars - AJ vs Tamina:
I didn't like this too much. It seemed a lot shorter than the matches we normally get. Tamina dominated way too much. I know the point was booking AJ as the underdog but she did one move in the whole match and that's not good. They could have thrown in a couple of hope spots just to break the monotonous string of Tamina offence. She did her moves well but too much offence came from her and it just made the match boring. There didn't seem to be any fluidity to her moves either and she seemed to be thinking about what to do next half the time. I did love that spot with the ropes early on and she's already got some good ring presence but she just needs to work on timing and getting some consistency in the ring. The end was quite good though I reserve the last comment I made about Tamina and her splash. A bigger move on AJ before going for the splash would make it much better. I should rate things 10/10 for the pure fact that AJ didn't use the frickin school girl to win the match but I'm happy they're allowing her to use the Sliced Bread #2 as a finisher now. 4/10

Impact - Winter & Madison Rayne vs Mickie James & Velvet Sky:
Good to see Winter and Velvet back on TV again and this was a solid enough match. It got a good amount of time and all four ladies got a nice opportunity to work. The two heels had some good chemistry going on with their quick tags and Winter looked very good in there. Velvet was on form as well and made a good hot tag and I especially loved that double underhook facebuster she used. It's a more fitting finisher than a simple DDT anyway. The end spot with Angelina was interesting and I don't think I've ever seen it done before. It's good that they're thinking outside the box with those kind of spots. I was surprised to see Madison get the pin but that's a good thing since she had been losing a few times recently and I was worried she'd be slipping into Jillian territory. A solid week of build up for Bound For Glory and I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll get next week. 7/10

Smackdown - Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox:
Sadly the Smackdown writers didn't use the same idea that the Raw ones used on Monday when faced with so little time for a divas' match. I would have foregone a match altogether and just had some kind of segment that ended with Alicia getting put in the submission. I'll say her sunset flip looked good and that's the only praise I can give the match since she took the Glam Slam really weirdly. She has a habit of overselling the first bit. The after match stuff was much better and it really sold the DoD as despicable heels and it's a new way of building heat for them. I'd be worrying about Alicia getting buried but she has a better chance as a face than she did as a heel anyway. Segment rating: 5/10

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