Friday, 14 October 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #17

Raw - Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs Tamina & Rosa Mendes:
Well this was random but I suppose it's fresher than seeing another tag match against the twins. Rosa got way too much ringtime and the match was barely three minutes. I mean even an idiot in the ring for the first time knows you stay in the corner when someone is doing a handspring elbow. It's almost as bad as Maryse rolling out of Eve's moonsault then rolling back in at the last minute. She looked shaky when Kelly was going for the tarantula as well. The parts with Tamina and Eve in the ring were a little better and that's a match I'd like to see. Right now I count Eve among those who can work with the more inexperienced girls and get something out of them. I think putting Tamina against someone like Eve could make for a good match. Her moonsault was perfect this week. I'm glad that Kelly kept this new aggressive streak she picked up last week, even if the writers aren't following it up with anything, we could say the DoD were keeping their distance after Kelly surprised them last week, they're picking their battles so to speak.  It's also good that Eve got the spotlight this week as it does seem like the Kelly/Beth saga is coming to an end so of course she is the obvious candidate to feud with Beth. Whether or not she should actually get the title is another matter entirely. 4/10

NXT - Maxine vs AJ:
These two delivered a fourth consistent singles match and have done their best to make sure none of these matches look repetitive. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the last one but that's mostly because it was shorter due to starting during the commercial break. I did love the first (televised) spot of the match with Maxine doing the neckbreaker across the ropes and the dragon sleepers she used looked pretty good with how far back AJ can bend herself. Her comeback was well storied also, with all the moves looking solid. I liked the end sequence where she rolls out of the school girl and hits the Shining Wizard. Too bad she couldn't have used Sliced Bread #2 but still much better than a roll up or robbing Gail's Flying Dragon. As much as I've enjoyed this feud I would like to see more divas brought over to NXT to get a chance to work longer matches like Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox. Hell I wouldn't mind Maryse getting put in the ring again for a bit when she returns. 7/10

Impact - Knockouts Segment:
It's incredibly annoying that a segment building up a Fatal 4 Way title match only has one of the competitors allowed to cut a promo, especially when said girl isn't the champion. As much as I love Karen on the mic and as entertaining as she made this segment, there wasn't any need to have her there. She took attention away from the title match and just made it all about her and her beef with Velvet. Winter should be the one cutting the promos on her challengers. TNA really should have done more to make her look like a strong champion and with their track record it seems unlikely they'll be able to restrain themselves and not have the title change hands at the PPV. I want to see Winter come out on top and then work a singles feud with Velvet that goes on for a long time so Velvet's title win will mean something. Right now I have a feeling it will be Madison taking the title. It seems that if they do swerve us (and you know they will) then she's the girl who'll get the belt pinning Velvet and thus building a feud off that. I see Karen somehow interfering to let Madison get the win what with how they've putting the two of them together lately. Next on my list is Velvet considering she is the rising star in the company and it is the biggest PPV of the year for them. Why not have a feel good title change? Next up is Winter retaining which is what I hope will happen and there is a chance it could considering she does have Angelina in her corner. I doubt Mickie will win unless the creative team really do get up *that* early in the morning. Segment rating: 6/10

Christina Von Eerie debuts:
I always loved Ink Inc and I think putting a Knockout with them is a great idea. It really does bring you back to the good old days in WWE where you had a good amount of two men one woman stables and a load of my personal favourite - the 6 person intergender tag match. Christina has a very unique look and that's a great way to stand out. Plus she's being put into a feud involving Sarita and only good things can happen from that. I was happy with how the segment turned out and things are looking good for Bound For Glory. Too bad they couldn't put the Knockouts Tag Champs on the card as well. Segment rating: 7/10

Smackdown - Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix:
I read in the spoilers that it was a super short match and I saw the entire segment got less than four minutes so I wasn't expecting anything really. My pet peeve with entrances comes up again since they ate up nearly a whole minute of the segment. How about having Kelly attack Beth from behind on the ramp? It's not that out of character these days. Anyway besides that this was still a very entertaining match and worth a rewatch. It's a real testament to these two that even when given only three minutes to work they can still wow a crowd. Kelly was on fire and that DDT was excellent, as was Beth's counter of the headscissors into the sidewalk slam. It's clear that Michael Cole doesn't have a clue anymore because he was harping on about Kelly not being able to win the title on a DQ. Did you not hear the announcer say "non-title" or how about the ref not holding up the belt before the match started? Anyway I'm not sure where this leaves Kelly's rematch, if she's getting one at all. While I enjoyed their three (well four really) encounters I'm ready for a fresh new feud. Give Eve a crack at the belt. 6/10

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