Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Predictions For 2012 - Part 1

Ok so now that the first PPV of the year is out of the way, storylines have begun to take form and we can now figure out a rough picture of how things will go in WWE for the whole year. Predictions on what storylines will happen, who will turn face and heel, what matches we can expect and who will get bumped to the future endeavours list. Let us begin.

1) Zack Ryder vs Kane at WrestleMania:
This is more of a wish than a prediction but judging from how Cena will be involved in a match with The Rock and how Eve has been involved in the storyline, Kane will likely switch from targeting Cena at around Elimination Chamber to Ryder and thus we have the Internet Champion's first WrestleMania match. It has the potential to be a very emotional match for everyone though I guess I wouldn't rule out some kind of handicap match with Eve in it as well. I feel that Ryder will be kept off TV until the Elimination Chamber where he will return and give Kane a huge beating. Given the proper investment by the creative team, this could be one of the hottest WrestleMania matches to expect.

2) Alex Riley Will Turn Heel And Get Buried:
File this one under things I pray don't happen but WWE have a tendency to think the heel turn is something magic that will fix everything. I think Alex Riley has a lot of potential and he proved last year he could work as well as a face and if he got pushed properly again then he could reach the peak he was at before his injury. Sadly what WWE are most likely to do is give him some half-assed heel turn a la Tyson Kidd where he's maybe in the spotlight for about a month before he gets buried and becomes a jobber and therefore only a face turn will be able to save him. I pray A-Ry is in a better position at the start of next year than he is right now.

3) AJ Will Get Her Own Back On Daniel Bryan:
If WWE chooses to develop this D-Bry/AJ storyline going all the way towards WrestleMania (and they really should) they could have Daniel Bryan constantly manipulating AJ and playing with her feelings before finally breaking it off with her a couple of weeks before WrestleMania. Because AJ has that same quality Kelly has where the second her eyes water you just want to rush and hug her, this will help generate fan sympathy for her and help Bryan get over as a despicable heel. I see AJ then being at ringside for the match at WrestleMania and, if she doesn't get involved, after the match she'll slap Daniel Bryan in the face and be given a couple more opportunities to one-up him in the following weeks.

4) The Miz Will Turn Face:
The Miz has been a heel for nearly his entire WWE career and it's obvious he's a natural at it but as the episodes of Raw and Smackdown pile up, I'm wondering exactly what Miz has left to offer WWE as a heel. He's been champion, he's done the cocky arrogant cowardly heel bit over and over again. He's massively over as a heel and his feud with R-Truth is floundering. I felt he was taking steps towards a face turn last year but of course that didn't happen. I see the turn happening about halfway through the year and I get the feeling it'll be slow and he'll be hugely over when it happens. I mean, who would have guessed Sheamus would be such a natural face? Personally I can't wait for it.

5) John Cena Will Be Heel For A Month:
Of course everyone has tossed around the Cena turning heel rumour more times than I can count and the fans are going to make him the heel for his match against The Rock one way or another so the way I see it happening is Kane eventually convincing Cena to embrace the hate soon so he will be heel going into WrestleMania. At the end of the match he will shake hands with The Rock and go back to being the all around good guy who gets booed out of the building.

6) Undertaker & Triple H Will Finally Retire:
I can't say I've missed either Undertaker or Triple H when they've been off TV for so long and I'm expecting that this third WrestleMania match they seem to be building to will be the final match for both of them. I don't think I want Triple H to end the streak but perhaps the streak won't end and Undertaker will just announce his retirement if he wins the match anyway. Needless to say neither of them can go like they used to and really should go out on a high note before they seriously cripple themselves.

7) The Divas of Doom Will Split:
Beth Phoenix vs Natalya is probably one of the few dream matches left in terms of the WWE Divas and we still haven't seen it. I was hoping for it to happen at WrestleMania but I would like to see them develop more as a tag team like LayCool did and not split them until SummerSlam. I see Natalya remaining the heel and Beth as the face mostly because Beth works much better in that role and even her current character is more of a tweener while Nattie is a full blown heel. I'm not sure how or where Kharma fits into this but perhaps they'll have Kharma as champion and feuding with someone else while Beth/Natalya is a secondary grudge feud. Either way I don't see the DoD lasting the year.

8) Ted DiBiase Will Get A Huge Push:
Right now I can see WWE laying the groundwork for a huge DiBiase push much like Zack Ryder got last year. He's busy marketing himself and promoting himself online with the whole "DiBiase Posse" thing and his stellar match with Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions proved he can cut it as a strong midcard contender. I don't know if they'll have him feud with Cody Rhodes again or he'll challenge whatever new heel ends up with the belt but I strongly feel they will push him to the moon by the end of the year.

9) Kelly Kelly Will Turn Heel:
I know she is the most popular Diva on the roster right now but I think with Kharma as a valuable asset to the company (as well as Layla and AJ who are also quite popular) Kelly might go bad this year. There's been talk of turning Eve heel but that's just a stupid idea that I hope doesn't even make it to Vince. Kelly on the other hand has potential to be a good bitchy heel. She's already a heel in the ring come to think of it so I don't think her wrestling will take that big a hit. I would actually love to see a little feud between her and Eve when the whole Kane/Ryder drama is over.

10) The Future Endeavours List Will Be...
Heath Slater - I'm surprised he isn't gone already
Jinder Mahal - Ditto
Evan Bourne - I don't want this to happen but two suspensions less than three months apart spell doom for my favourite guy
Mark Henry - I see him retiring this year
Tyler Reks - they never really invested any time in him and he's pretty interchangeable
Ezekiel Jackson - uninspiring in the ring and really bland
Tamina - I doubt she'll so much if she gets a push and I don't think even her family will be enough to save her.

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