Friday, 3 February 2012

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #32

And with the Royal Rumble behind us and the Divas' Champion finally back on TV, this week was certainly a lot more promising on paper for the girls at WWE. Over in TNA we have a new #1 contender crowned and lots of build up to get in before the title match. Should be a good one.

Royal Rumble - Divas of Doom & The Bella Twins vs Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres & Tamina:
I wasn't expecting an actual match to get added onto the card, probably getting Beth in the Rumble at the very most but this was a nice surprise. What's even more surprising is that it was still pretty good and decent enough to watch. The girls actually got a good amount of time to work and each of them got some ring time without making the match feel too cluttered or overbooked. And what an outfit for the twins, ye Gods. Out of all the mini-matches we saw, I enjoyed Eve/Beth the most for obvious reasons. Their interaction was so crisp and smooth. When Alicia got tagged in I thought that would be the end of it but nope the match continued. Her screaming when she was getting choked at the ropes made me chuckle. Kelly's spot where she body blocked every other Diva was cool and it looked a lot smoother than those spots sometimes do, as all the girls fell down at the right time. Beth gets a good clean win to remind everyone she is dominant and powerful yadda yadda yadda. This is sort of a way to reintroduce her to the audience after being off TV for so long and it wasn't too shabby a night for them anyway. 6.5/10

Kharma In The Rumble:
I expected one day Kharma would enter the Royal Rumble but I had no idea she'd had her baby over a month ago or even that she would make an appearance. Judging from what else has happened this week, she's not back full time yet and I wouldn't expect her to return until WrestleMania. I'm not positive but I'm sure she has officially clocked the most time in the Rumble out of any time a woman entered. She technically got two eliminations as well and did you hear the pop she got when she got Dolph with the Implant Buster? Good night for the girls as Cameron and Naomi got on PPV as well. Everyone on PPV except AJ, Aksana and Kaitlyn so I think that's a winner.

Raw - Beth Phoenix* vs Eve Torres (Divas' Championship):
Wow, one of the fastest title defences ever. If it was anyone other than Beth I'd be annoyed but she is the Glamazon and this gives her another good title defence. She's now recorded four defences with the belt, something no champion has done since Maryse held it back in 2009. I guess in kayfabe Eve was too concerned with Kane to focus on the match and that works fine. I'm happy she's involved in this storyline, which I say every week and I'm expecting this to lead to Kane vs Zack Ryder at WrestleMania, with Eve at ringside. You never know, they might throw a Diva out there and make it a mixed tag though I can't imagine what Diva would want to team with Kane for the evening. I lol'd at Eve's screaming, she should really stick to looking scared but bring us more segments like these in *additon* to storylines involving the title. 1/10

NXT - Maxine vs Alicia Fox:
File this one under waste of time. No real need to have Maxine in a match at all if they were going to waste half the time they were allotted with a pointless replay of Maxine and Alicia getting into a scuffle. I long for the days when NXT gave the girls actual time to wrestle. On the bright side it looks like Kaitlyn is getting involved in this storyline as well. Even if we aren't getting satisfactory matches then hopefully in the coming weeks we can be satisfied outside of the ring. 1/10

Impact - Tara vs Gail Kim:
First of all, I don't agree with this. It makes no sense to have a non-title match when Tara is already the #1 contender. If they wanted to use this as a way of making her the next challenger then it would make sense but it's just not a good idea to give too much away. Having Tara face Madison would have been more logical. However, that aside I really enjoyed this match. It's one of the best ones they've had on Impact in months and definitely Gail's best match since she returned. She's adjusted to working as a heel and of course she and Tara have amazing chemistry. I'm really excited for the PPV match now so I guess a good thing came out of the silly logic behind this one. I've been critical of TNA for the past few months (for obvious reasons) but they have stepped up in terms of booking and they seem to be putting a lot of effort into this feud. 8.5/10

Xplosion - Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love:
I didn't know this aired last week so I'll review it in this entry. I was actually trying to find a good singles match between these two before I even knew about this one and I was pleasantly surprised. It would take honours for Match of the Week but of course it happened last week. It's definitely the best match Velvet has been in during her TNA career. She and Angelina didn't always have the best chemistry but there was definitely something here in this match. I loved all the mat wrestling at the start and also Angelina's clotheslines really stood out. I can't explain it but I just love the way she does them. All of Velvet's offence looked especially sharp and the end sequence of finisher reversals was nice too though I would have preferred her to use the double underhook instead of the DDT. 8.5/10

Superstars - Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs Bella Twins:
Alicia is pulling triple duty this week and double duty in the one night, hopefully she'll at least get one title match on PPV because she really deserves it. I liked the opening moments of the match with the double baseball slide and the twins did their usual thing isolating one body part. Thankfully Alicia toned down the screaming that she was doing on Sunday so the match was less unintentionally funny. Kelly's hot tag sequence was good, she was emulating Melina with that little facecrusher but hey it looked good. The end was bad though. It lacked any excitement and there was no one big move from whichever Bella it was, nor was there any interference which is how it should be done. It was a decent match overall but the flat ending just brought it down a bit. 6/10

Smackdown - Divas of Doom vs Aksana & Tamina:
Well that's all Divas utilised this week though I'd prefer if Aksana had a different theme and you know...actual time to wrestle. Anyway Aksana bumped well for the heels and hopefully she'll get something like three minutes to show off something she's learned in FCW. The DoD look especially dominant this week and it looks like we might be seeing the start of the Beth/Natalya feud we've all been craving. I guess they might use all these losses Natalya's been having as basis for the break-up, Beth saying she's not living up to the standards and turning on her. I'd prefer if they didn't rush this as this is a match that is WrestleMania-worthy. WWE does tend to do fast turns so hopefully it'll be a few more weeks until Beth and Natalya actually split. Not much of a match but getting a storyline is a bit better. 2/10

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