Saturday, 11 February 2012

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #33

Today was an interesting week on paper anyway as it seems like we have the start of an actual feud on the rise in WWE while TNA has a special episode taking place in the UK, not to mention what looks like a budding heel turn. Should be a good one.

Raw - Divas of Doom & The Bella Twins vs Eve, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly & Tamina:
Not only is it a rematch from the Royal Rumble but 6 of the 8 girls in this match were wearing the same things they wore at the PPV. Only difference is Eve is leading them to the ring now - pretty awesome stuff. Can't wait until she properly becomes the top face again. Anyway this match was a bit on the bland side and now that we know about Eve's injury that explains why as she tagged out a bit early so those few minutes were probably improvised. It didn't offer much in the way of action but Beth developed her character a lot more. I guess Tamina's getting a push now. I can't say I'm that excited about it but she put on a good match with Natalya on Superstars and hopefully Beth can do good things with her, prompting her to add more moves to her arsenal would be a start. I saw Tamina's post-match interview and I was very impressed with how natural she spoke. At least it'll be a fresh match in the division. 2/10

NXT - Maxine vs Kaitlyn:
And NXT finally gives us a longer match, even if it's still too short. I didn't like this one too much as it seemed like they were working against each other instead of helping each other out. It almost seems like they went out there and freestyled the whole thing. Their match back in October remains their best encounter anyway. The moves were done well but there was no real rhyme or reason to them, making the whole thing seem a bit sloppy. Hopefully NXT gives us some longer matches in the next few weeks. On the plus side, Kaitlyn is now involved in the storyline between Bateman, Maxine and Johnny Curtis so we got some pretty fun segments on the show this week. 4.5/10

Impact - Gail Kim & Tara Brawl:
Excellent. Loved this whole segment, even if Gail did seem a bit stiff with her last line. I had to lol at none of the extras stopping to see what was going on. I'm loving the way this feud has been progressing and I think this could be *the* feud that the TNA Knockouts need to get back on track. Mickie/Madison was okay with build up but the matches sucked while Mickie/Winter had the booking against them. Hopefully the bookers can show some restraint this time. Segment rating: 9/10

Mickie James vs Velvet Sky:
What's this? Is Mickie "sweeter than granny's apple pie" James going bad on us? I'm excited for that and I was expecting one of them to tease a heel turn in the match and I'm relieved it wasn't Velvet. Mickie has played the heel in most of her face vs face matches ever since she joined TNA and she seemed pretty good at playing nearly a full blown heel in this match. The action was okay but the big thing was the story being told and I see Mickie turning heel slowly in the next few weeks rather than simply showing up on Impact next week as a heel. I'm a little worried that if she isn't psycho like she was last time then she could be a little boring. 6.5/10

FCW - Audrey Marie & Kaitlyn vs Raquel Diaz & Sofia Cortez:
Excellent to see Sofia Cortez in another match though I was missing Caylee Turner. About 75% of this match was fine, except for the end when things looked really strange. Audrey didn't tag Kaitlyn and did the comeback all by herself when she had been getting worked on for the whole match. Anyway this was a much better showcase for Sofia/Ivelisse's skills than her match back in December. Her clotheslines and forearms looked great and that northern lights suplex was perfect. Aside from how sloppy things were towards the end the rest of the match was fine and all girls were on form. 6/10

Smackdown - Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox:
Well I guess this gives some closure on the Beth/Alicia feud which never happened though I'm still going to hope for a singles match on Superstars in the next few weeks. This one was short but still somewhat entertaining and better than their atrocious match on Raw back in December. I'm sad that Alicia has been thrown aside in favour of Tamina when she is far more talented but again the build up to this feud has been interesting enough and Beth delivered a really strong backstage interview. Hopefully this will be a one-and-done deal for the Elimination Chamber and more importantly, it gets enough time. Overall rating: 5/10

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