Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vintage Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #3

This is the week beginning December 2nd-December 8th

The first Diva to make an appearance is the Duchess of Dudleyville at ringside for Bubba's match against Kane. During the match Stacy grabs Kane by the foot and he stalks her at ringside (oh how times have changed). She gets involved again by climbing up on the apron and this helps Bubba to get the win. Once again, managing is an art in itself and it's always good to see a manager do more than just stand at ringside and clap. Stacy really should have done more managing in her WWE career as she was pretty good at it, though she doesn't really work as a heel. She's just a natural face in my opinion.

More of the Team Xtreme drama moves along as the brothers are bickering backstage and Lita tries to separate them but of course that only intensifies the war of words. Matt then announces that Lita will be the special guest referee for his and Jeff's match at Vengeance. Things just got extra juicy.

Trish Stratus is walking backstage and she bumps into Crash Holly (!) who wishes her good luck this Sunday for her match against Jacqueline. She's looking for The Rock actually and Crash helps her out. Oh and the Brooklyn Brawler was there too.
Later on she enters The Rock's (surprisingly small) dressing room to thank him for saving her from Vince McMahon which in WWE language is a peck on the cheek. The Rock gives her the WWE language for "you're welcome" which is of course a big passionate smooch on the lips. And yes the arena did explode.

Trish Stratus & The Rock def. Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon:
Our main event has the Women's Champion competing against two former flames and Vince does a rather creepy booty-pop as she makes her entrance. Naturally Rock and Angle work most of the match by themselves and the action is none too shabby. When Vince tags himself in he actually knocks Trish right off the apron. She tags herself in and starts stomping the holy hell out of Vince before laying a well placed heel to the McMahon family jewels. Kurt Angle takes exception to this and knocks her down from behind. The Women's Champion responds with a low blow and tags The Rock back in. Vince chases Trish from ringside but Stone Cold appears to sort him out and that helps Rock get the win.
Not much in the way of wrestling but still highly entertaining to see Trish go to town on Vince, the fans were eating that up. And of course it's always good to see a Diva in the main event. Minimal build up for the title match on Sunday since the challenger hasn't actually been seen on TV since the last PPV so we can see that WWE's build-ups haven't always been that fleshed out. 7/10

Stacy is up to her old tricks again at ringside for a 6-man tag match. She throws William Regal a set of brass knux to use but she gets her comeuppance as Big Show drags her into the ring, puts her over his knee and gives her a good old spanking. Hmm, he's in tears after bumping into AJ but that he's okay with? Ah, there's something nostalgic about seeing that. Until I was 13, I thought the only way to punish a woman was with a good spanking.

And as a result of losing to The Rock & Trish on Raw, Vince must now kiss The Rock's ass on Smackdown. During the in-ring promo, The Rock brings Trish out with the implication that Vince is going to kiss her ass instead. Trish lowers the back of her pants and Vince is drooling but Rocky stops him and announces that he's got an even bigger ass for Vince to kiss. And it's the return of Rikishi. You can pretty much guess where this goes from here. WWE do those good old humiliation congas so well.

Crash Holly def. Jacqueline:
The video for this is unavailable but this is the second of four intergender matches these two have had. The description just says Crash pins Jackie using the ropes for leverage. She gets in his face afterwards and ends up knocking him out with a hard forearm.
Gotta love it whenever Jackie got in the ring with the guys. It seems to be a thing that they'd often have her do intergender stuff if they wanted to give her momentum going into a PPV. The match with Trish at Vengeance certainly doesn't seem to mean anything though at the time it was good to give her actual competition in a match after all she'd been doing is all the silliness with Stacy. N/A

So the final week before a PPV didn't inspire much hope for the actual match itself but it had the women featured very prominently, the Women's Champion in a main event segment and one with the boss at that while the #1 contender got some build up. Lita also was heavily involved in the Team Xtreme storyline while Stacy shows us the art of managing.

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