Friday, 1 July 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #3

Well last week promised us a lot of treats for this time around so let's take a look at what we got. It was Kelly Kelly's first Raw as the new Divas' Champion, we were getting a dream match for the first time on Superstars and a 6 Knockout elimination tag on Impact. Let's get started.

Raw - Kelly Kelly vs Nikki Bella (Submission Match):
I didn't see this coming. That's two weeks in a row WWE creative team has actually avoided the silliness. Last year's viewer's choice was a battle royal and Raw Roulette was a song and dance match. I was happy they went with the submission match but the match itself was nothing special. There were about three moves done in it and they could have given it a lot more time. Nix one of the entrances anyway. And I could have sworn that the match was billed as being for the title. Oh well, it's good that Brie vs Kelly is on the MITB card and now they have three weeks to build it up. Kelly goes over with a submission victory in her first week as champion which looks good on paper anyway. The after match segment was much better and anything that gives my Eve TV time is fine. It's obviously a tag match for next week's show. As an aside, how about a Maryse/Del Rio pairing huh? 2/10

Impact - Mickie James, Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs Winter, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne (Elimination Rules):
I always love the creative team thinking outside the box with this one. Twelve minutes of a show is very impressive - it's practically triple what the divas got on Raw. That being said, the match was a bit of a mess like the last one. Tessmacher was obviously going to be the first out and her bit in the ring with Angelina was just ok. Her elimination was a bit abrupt. However, I loved Tara's bit in the ring and they did well to keep her and Madison away from each other. I really can't wait to see that match. It was surprising to see Tara out next but her elimination was creative. I would love to know who cooked up the rules for this or why there even needed to be any tags made if anyone could waltz into the ring and make a pin. Madison wasn't legal at all but her elimination was lol worthy. I didn't like the bit in the ring with Mickie vs Winter and Angelina. Why the hell wasn't the ref stopping the blatant double team? He could have ordered one of them out and that would have given us a much more cohesive match. However I was surprised to see Mickie pick up the win and naturally since she's champion, she should look strong. I preferred the last elimination match but this one was alright as well. 6/10

Superstars - Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix:
At long last, I can't believe we never got this match back in 2009, but we have it now. Obviously as a face vs face match, it wasn't as stellar as it could have been but I was pretty happy with it. All the reversals like Beth blocking the Frankensteiner and Gail landing on her feet were really creative and helped make the match more special. It was great to see the Flying Dragon again and Beth's counter to it was nice. As has been the case with many recent Superstars matches, I feel like more time could be given. Maybe instead of having two diva matches every week, just have one and let that get the time that's needed. The ending was fantastic anyway and I think Beth was sort of the heel in the match, but she was definitely a face at the end. I see this as a one-off thing while Melina is in China. I do hope they pick that feud up again. 7/10

Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn:
This of course is the very other end of the spectrum. I'm relieved that Tamina was sitting on the sidelines this week and giving Alicia time to stretch her legs. They've apparently forgotten that Kaitlyn has her own music and titantron. Kaitlyn was pretty impressive with her strength here and it's nice to see she's actually learned something in the ring. She doesn't do a lot of the typical diva moves, the power moves is definitely a good route to go down since she's got the muscle to sell that kind of style. And it makes a good contrast against Nattie's technical style and AJ's high flying moves. The story being told was pretty good with Alicia going after the arm. Kaitlyn seems to be focusing on selling moves now since she's not fully trained on doing them. There was some sloppiness, which is to be expected from someone as green as her. The scissors kick looked a bit weird but I've watched it back and it did connect, so maybe it was just Kaitlyn's hair flying around. And of course Rosa and Nattie were looking fiiiiiiiiiiinnnee. 6/10

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