Friday, 22 July 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #6

Well we had a PPV on Sunday, hopefully some start to a new feud and some big time title matches in TNA. One of our champions would also be competing with facial paralysis. Should be a good one.

Money In The Bank - Kelly Kelly* vs Brie Bella (Divas' Championship):
This one went down pretty much the way I expected it to. Naturally Eve would be at ringside for back up but it was a little annoying that Nikki barely got involved and then Eve in turn just stood there. The two spots on the outside were nice indeed and it shows that Kelly is willing to go the extra mile to make her matches interesting, even if the writers aren't helping her. I also like how there was no spanking or stink faces here, signalling that the match was serious business. Brie however fell flat. Her botching the headscissors should have been a signal but her sister has always been a better worker. She has the personality down and she did mix up her moves somewhat but I just wasn't that excited. The match was ok, just ok. It was better than Kelly/Layla at last year's show and a million times better than Melina/Alicia but not worth a rewatch. The ending stood out like a sore thumb. There could have been a bit more oomph or excitement, like Nikki tries to interfere, gets taken out, Brie goes for finisher and Kelly hits the K2. Instead it just came out of nowhere and ended the match pretty flatly. 5/10

Raw - Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Natalya, AJ, Kaitlyn & Eve vs Alicia Fox, Melina, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Maryse & The Bella Twins:
Sigh, didn't we do this a few weeks ago? Once Rosa got in the ring I knew there was no hope. I'm surprised Beth worked the match so maybe this is a sign of bigger things in her future. I don't want her to turn heel because she sucks at it. Only Santino was able to make her interesting and she needs to be a face when Kharma comes back. The action was different from what we normally see, considering Beth doesn't get in the ring that much lately but Rosa sadly fell flat. I was hoping for some kind of story continuation but really the match was unnecessary on the night that was all about the title tournament. The divas could have easily been put in a backstage segment but hopefully we get something more next week. 1/10

Superstars - Natalya vs Alicia Fox:
Naturally I was outraged at how short this was. This is the type of length we usually get for Raw or Smackdown matches, and even they usually get a bit longer. However they did well with the little time they had although Alicia is really making my eyes water with that red hair. Christina please shave your sister's head or throw peroxide on her, get rid of that awful monstrosity. The action was pretty solid though not as hard-hitting as their last Superstars match. The slap-fest was hilarious and I especially loved the way Nattie countered the scissors kick into the Sharpshooter. The roll up Alicia used was also quite nice and it makes a nice change from that dreaded school girl. It seems she's being kept relevant and she is on the SummerSlam poster so hopefully she can make it to the biggest event of the summer in high profile. 6/10

Impact - Miss Tessmacher & Tara vs Sarita* & Rosita* (Knockouts Tag Team Championships):
Well of course this wasn't on anyone's long term plan for the Latinas since Sarita has to drop the title with her injury. I liked the match well enough and the attack at the start really helped spice things up. It's not often you see faces doing that. The match was built up well enough with the little notice they had for it anyway. However once it got to the ring there was a lot of sloppiness and it wasn't very coherent. The run-in from Madison helped a lot and Brooke really impressed with her little springboard bulldog. The ending was nice and I'm glad Tara has a title again, and hopefully a reign like this will mean something. It seems now all three Extreme Expose members have held gold at last. 7/10

I loved this promo. Mickie was doing pretty well and her mic skills aren't the best, that's putting it kindly. I forgot how much I used to love bitchy Angelina though I'm a little confused - when did she stop becoming a zombie? She and Winter aren't planning on co-holding the Knockouts Championship are they? All four girls were solid on the mic and for once TNA got it right. Segment rating: 8/10

Mickie James* vs Velvet Sky (Knockouts Championship):
Well of course this never got started and I guess this Velvet/Jackie/ODB storyline isn't over. Dare I say it, we have three Knockouts storylines going on at once. Hmm, Traci Brooks on Velvet's side? I guess Velvet has a partner now. Some sort of tag match next week I'm guessing though with Winter and Angelina involved I think we'll need one more Knockout. Roxxi or Alissa Flash maybe? This segment wasn't so hot and we get another awkward Velvet/Jackie brawl. It went on for a bit too long and they were really slugging it out. The divas don't get to do brawls very often but they're usually hard-hitting and to the point. Just because you get more time doesn't mean you can half ass it and pad your segment out. Segment rating: 5/10

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