Sunday, 10 July 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #4

So another week down only we weren't going into this unexpecting since Raw, Smackdown and Superstars were taped two weeks in advance and Impact being taped anyway. Eve and Kelly were looking to get revenge on the Bellas for the attack last week, the Smackdown divas do battle yet again and Velvet Sky is up against the odds with two veteran Knockouts.

Raw - The Bella Twins vs Eve & Kelly Kelly:
I was pretty happy with this match considering it seemed a lot longer than the ones we've been getting in the last couple of weeks. Eve impressed me yet again, showing her feisty side as well. The match got enough time to get a proper story developed with Eve playing the face in peril for a lot longer than usual. The Bellas were good yet again with their chemistry, working on Eve's arm. However I do have some positive criticism for the Bellas in regards to their moveset. They seem to have hit a standstill in what moves they're using, always doing those arm targeting moves without developing any other moves for their arsenal. I know they're not getting much time for matches but Eve and Kelly have made sure they don't have five moves of doom and we know they can pull out new stuff anytime so the twins should learn from them. The only part of the match I had any issue with was Eve and Brie tumbling out of the ring at the end. It could have been done better, that's all I'll say. It was surprising to see Kelly go over here since Brie should be getting momentum going into her title rematch. Hopefully we get a nice build up tomorrow night. 6/10

Impact - Velvet Sky vs Jacqueline & ODB:
Yes, Velvet's push continues. I'm really loving this girl right now and I absolutely hated her during the start of the Angelina/Winter storyline. She's really done well for herself and I liked this little storyline. This went as well as a handicap match can go and ODB and Jackie were much better in the ring than last week. Jackie just has this great tough girl image that you know she will kick your ass and look good while doing it. The part with Velvet and ODB was crisp but I could have seen more moves rather than various clotheslines in the corner, but it was a better brawl than last time. The ending was typical but still done well and Velvet's DDT looked very good. I guess that could be the end of this storyline as I don't really see how they can go any further with it but it was pretty enjoyable. Hopefully Jackie and ODB are kept relevant. 7/10

Superstars - Natalya vs Alicia Fox:
I was really impressed with this match and I'm over the moon that it got so much time. Nattie was on fire early on and gave us some good offence we haven't seen before. She finally got Alicia back for ripping out her hair back in November lol but here she was definitely doing Alicia a favour. That red hair has got to go, and soon. At least she wasn't wearing that eye watering pink gear this week too. The two of them made the most out of their time and I'm considering this for my MOTY candidates list. I was a bit pissed that they took a commercial break and it's times like these that I envy the crowd for seeing unedited matches. Alicia was brilliant as always, this girl has so much charisma, and she and Nattie do indeed work well together. It's too bad they couldn't have had a match like this when Alicia had that title. I'm glad the vertical suplex didn't get botched this time and I thought the ending was ok. True it was that dreaded school girl but the rest of the match was fine anyway. Hopefully Brie and Kelly can get this much time at Money In The Bank. 9/10

Smackdown - AJ vs Tamina:
What happened to AJ's theme music? Oh well I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't excited for this since Tamina is nothing special in the ring. I wish AJ could be given an opponent she could showcase her skills against properly since this match was a lot like the other one they had - short and uninteresting. Tamina's splash was nice even if it didn't connect but AJ could have done a lot more in her comeback and good lord stop having these girls win all their matches with school girls and rollups. An ending can really decide whether a match was good or not and this wasn't that good anyway. Hopefully when we see the eventual AJ/Alicia match the ending will be proper. I'm wondering what's happening between Alicia and Tamina. It's a little too early to be teasing tension between these girls so hopefully it doesn't lead to a "break up" of their little stable. 4/10

So a good week for the Raw divas and the Smackdown divas got to shine on Superstars and return to the main show, even if the actual match was lackluster. We've got a PPV next week that the divas are definitely on and we can cross our fingers that they get a good long Superstars match again too. I'm glad Sarita will be on Impact and hopefully our singles champ can make an appearance as well. We have Madison/Tara scheduled for next week don't we?

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