Saturday, 3 December 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #24

Raw - Alicia Fox & Kelly Kelly vs Bella Twins:
And we're back to the usual pointless 2-minute tag matches. This match served one purpose - put Alicia forward as the next possible title contender. Getting that across could have been done with a promo or some form of segment but hopefully they can kick things into gear eventually. The match was pretty forgettable and Alicia didn't even get tagged in at the end. However the one bit with the DoD interfering was pretty funny - I mean who ever heard of distracting someone by pretending to jog around the ring? They do seem to be giving the DoD a bit of comedy and I'm not sure if I like it as it might take away from their big time heel personas. With LayCool it worked but it doesn't seem natural with Beth and Natalya. 2/10

Smackdown - Mistletoe On A Pole Match:
I do applaud creative team for giving them something new to do but this was short and uninspired, mostly just the divas throwing each other around rather lamely. But really the entire show was full of this silliness and hopefully now that they've gotten the "Divas in Xmas outfits" show off the schedule we can get some new direction. The backstage segments were pretty fun on the other hand and I enjoyed Aksana eating the mistletoe. It was an off night for ring action but successful for some backstage interactions. 1/10

NXT - Maxine vs Alicia Fox:
I'm a little annoyed with the time given to this considering it's NXT and they should be getting Superstars lengths for matches. However Alicia shows her savvy at working short matches but injecting life into them and making them entertaining. She and Maxine worked well enough together though I wish we could have had a segment or something playing up their history. Derrick Bateman's mother was funny and hopefully she'll come back for more segments...hopefully bringing Momma Benjamin with her. I'm enjoying the way this angle is going and I expect some kind of mixed tag match soon with Johnny Curtis and Kaitlyn vs Derrick Bateman & Maxine with Max making her decision. Oh and Tamina sounded pretty good on the mic. 6/10

Impact - Knockouts Get Wet And Wild:
Ah we long for the days when this was commonplace in WWE. Well not really considering there this would be instead of a proper match as opposed to in addition to it. This was much more entertaining than last week's trainwreck of a match since it took place backstage and watching girls have a waterfight in bikinis is always better than watching them try to wrestle in lingerie. I get the feeling we'll end up with a segment where Karen has to strip down to a bikini and scrub everyone's cars. That would be pure comedy gold - imagine Velvet spraying her with the hose. Combined rating: 7/10

Mickie James vs ODB (Street Fight):
I loved this match. These two had a good enough match a few months ago but this was brilliant. I was pulling for ODB to win it the whole time because I don't want to see another Mickie run with the title and adding ODB into the feud to make it a triple threat could give it some extra spice. Hopefully if Gail retains then they can make it a triple threat. As for the match, I critiqued Mickie for how bland her matches with Tara were, but here saw her put on one of her better showings in TNA so far. ODB took her to her limit and gave us a possible MOTY candidate. It's certainly miles better than the series of PPV matches we've been getting from the Knockouts. I loved all the spots with the weapons and they were so intense. Uniquely for a Knockouts match, I feel they choreographed it so that the timing felt consistent and the ending satisfied me. They used the time given and made the most out of it. 8.5/10

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