Monday, 12 December 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #25

Raw - Eve & Kelly Kelly vs Divas of Doom:
Why is Eve in the match when Alicia is the one getting the build up? It didn't even really need to be a tag match if Eve wasn't even going to get tagged in or even do anything. I repeat my usual pet peeve with entrances. When you have little time for a segment, scratch one of the entrances and the match will get a bit of extra time. The video package for the DoD was pretty good, or what we saw of it anyway, we'll probably see the full thing eventually. The action we saw was okay but no actual offence from Kelly which was a bit annoying. The ending I saw coming a mile away but wondering why Kelly is getting a win over Beth when Alicia is being prepped to get the next title shot? I'm guessing TLC will give us a tag team match of some sort, fingers crossed it's a tables match again and this is signalling Kelly will be Alicia's partner. This week will give us more answers. 3/10

NXT Watch:
No offence to Derrick Bateman but Maxine and Johnny Curtis make a much better couple. I would still like them to follow on my idea of pairing Johnny and Bateman as a tag team as they would add some colour to that division. Maxine looked great and as always she exudes charisma like it's vapour. Get more Divas on the show please.

Impact - Mickie James vs Madison Rayne:
This one was alright and on par with the last couple of matches these two have had on Impact, which have all been better than their previous PPV matches. I felt it was maybe a bit overlong as the final bit with Madison getting in control again wasn't really needed. I'll give Mickie her credit as she has been looking a bit better in the ring lately though she still seems a bit slow with her moves. Madison is brilliant as always and she just has a way of commanding the attention to herself whenever she's on screen, even when she's not in the spotlight. Standard booking giving Mickie momentum heading into the PPV. I have yet to see the match but I'm sure it'll be somewhat passable. 6/10

Gail Kim vs Traci Brooks:
I really don't like Traci's hair. The Bob is the most unflattering hairstyle known to womankind and I have yet to see a woman who looks good with one. The match was a different flavour than the Mickie/Madison one in that it was more about storytelling, Traci taking out her frustrations on Gail and going to town. The brawl was fun though the whole segment was a little too short. I would actually love for them to build off this after Gail is done with Mickie and give Traci a push against her. She has never been Knockouts Champion and I think it could be a very interesting feud if done correctly. They could be heading in this direction since they gave Gail a dirty win, Madison hitting Traci with the belt and all. 4/10

Smackdown - Aksana Watch:
I love that they find ways to get Aksana on Smackdown though I am looking forward to her eventually joining the women's division. I was expecting her to be the new member of the Divas of Doom when they paired her with Alicia. I'd like to see them take that back up and have Aksana unhappy to be accompanying Alicia for whatever reason and eventually side with the DoD. We know from FCW that she can play a heel whereas Kaitlyn turning isn't needed. I'm actually relieved the Chick Busters split was seemingly postponed because if it has to happen it should be done properly. WWE doesn't seem to be good at soft turns for the Divas and I wouldn't want a Kaitlyn heel turn to be like Melina's or Alicia's face turn. The swerve happens and the next time we see her she's a heel.

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