Friday, 23 December 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #26

So we're winding down the days until the new year with the second-last Raw, NXT, Smackdown and Impact of 2011. Also we have the final WWE PPV of the year, not to mention the fallout from Karen Jarrett being fired over in TNA. Shall we begin?

TLC - Beth Phoenix* vs Kelly Kelly (Divas' Championship):
I was expecting a last-minute Divas' title match to be added but like everyone else I thought it would be Alicia challenging Beth instead. However I'm happy it was Kelly because that means we can get a bit more build up for Beth and Alicia's title match. Kelly also never got her proper rematch and it didn't come out of nowhere since she did get a pinfall win over Beth two weeks ago. It's officially 4-0 for the two of them as they have appeared on PPV four times this year and put on solid and entertaining matches at each outing. And what's more is that each time they've delivered new and entertaining spots in each match. Kelly's facecrusher off the apron was a good start to the match and all her offence was solid. Beth dominated well enough though you could blatantly hear her calling spots for about 50 seconds. Maybe they found out they still had some time to fill so they added that in on the fly? Oh well the rest of the match made up for that, though Kelly's screaming was a little too intense. Though she has worked on sounding like she's actually in pain as opposed to having an orgasm. The closing moments of the match were heart-stopping but I loved that finish. It showed that Kelly has used that to beat Beth before but she's ready for it this time. Using the Alley-Oop to finish it was a nice touch and it's always good to see a match that doesn't end with the Glam Slam. Beth gets another clean title win and she's now got three title defences, all on PPV. Her reign has been good on paper even if the TV segments aren't exactly utilising her full potential. 7/10

Raw - Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox:
Finally the Fox's hunt begins. Didn't you just know straight away when you saw Alicia on the screen that it was going to be a non-title match and that she was going to win? I guess this is the one time I won't complain about having a super-short match on Raw so as not to give anything away for their eventual title match. That being said the lack of time clearly affected them here. They went for a good spot with Alicia reversing the slingshot suplex into the inverted DDT but it didn't work quite the way it was supposed to. If the Divas are only going to be allotted this amount of time each week then it is probably wiser to put them in segments or promos instead of matches. Hopefully Beth can put on as good a match with Alicia as she was able to do with Eve and Kelly. 2/10

NXT - Kaitlyn vs Maxine:
Thank the wrestling Gods Kaitlyn is still a face. I know she's been advertised as a heel at future house shows but that means nothing right now. Although I would like to see the Chick Busters officially work out their differences on screen to fix the little hole we have. I'm a little annoyed with the time the matches on NXT have been getting lately, I mean this is almost like Raw time. The match was still fine at the length it was at and Kaitlyn and Maxine once again showed how far they've come from the trainwreck of a match last year. Maxine has been on a bit of a losing streak but with Derrick Bateman distracting her then it's not too bad. Please Kaitlyn stay on the side of good. 6/10

Impact - Tara vs Miss Tessmacher:
Madison Rayne is officially God. At least she knows she can fall back on something if she decides to retire from wrestling because she rocked the mic in the ring. She was hilarious during the whole match and I couldn't get enough of her antics. I wouldn't mind seeing a proper Tara/Brooke match in the future though I'm happy they didn't split up as they should stay together for a long time. I'd like them to develop this further and feud properly with Madison and Gail to win back their belts, hopefully downgrading Gail's recent God Mode Sue role. This was really entertaining and we did see some good wrestling from the girls as well. Segment rating: 7.5/10

ODB & Eric Young vs Shannon Moore & Anarchia:
I officially love this pairing. The "business meeting" segment was pure gold and they don't even need to have these two wrestle at every week if they just put them in more segments. The match didn't have a lot of ODB action but still pretty funny with Eric Young's theatrics. ODB's scoop slam didn't look too good but everything else was fun to watch. Not much else to say except gimme more! 5/10

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