Saturday, 6 August 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #7

Apologies for not writing last week but well, that week sucked to be honest and I just couldn't find it in me to write about it. Before I write, I just want to acknowledge that WWE lost two great talents this week. I know I've been critical of Melina ever since she returned from injury but you can't deny how much love she has for this business and I'd always hoped if she would leave WWE then it would be on her own terms. As for Gail well she'd given up long ago and doubtless she'll be popping up in TNA pretty soon.

Raw - #1 Contender's Battle Royal:
Hmm, both of Gail's last matches in WWE were battle royals and she and Melina were the first two out as well. That also makes four divas whose last matches were battle royals (Jillian and Katie Lea). I thought this one was alright and I liked that they kept the eventual winner ambiguous. Eve and Alicia were the two favourites, with Beth and the Bellas in consideration as well. Kelly was very good on commentary, not mumbling or stuttering but speaking well enough which will help her if they do give her mic time. Once again, a good few divas went over the top rope so props to AJ, Kaitlyn and Rosa (congrats on not being the first out). Going to commercial break was odd but I'm glad all divas were still in the ring when they came back. The Bellas' elimination was a thing of beauty and I really like creative finishes like that. I've been vocal against Beth turning heel before since her last run was a bit of a dud when she wasn't with Santino, but the turn was pretty good and it does signal a change in the division though hopefully it can still stay strong with Gail and Melina gone. Overall Rating: 7/10 (5 for the match, an extra for the assault)

Impact - Madison Rayne vs Miss Tessmacher:
I didn't like this one. This was diva short and that's not a good sign, especially when you have a champion competing out there. What we got was a bit awkward as well and Brooke really shouldn't resort to the stink face considering she's already getting sexy with her entrance, it doesn't give her much beyond sex appeal. The after match segment was much better and I hope Mickie and Winter can deliver on PPV this Sunday. I also hear we'll be getting a Tag Team titles match as well though of course there's no build up to it. Match rating: 3/10, Overall Rating: 5/10

Superstars - Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn:
Kaitlyn is finally using her theme song again, signalling now she's branching out from being Natalya's prodigy. It's kind of growing on me, and Alicia didn't look half as bad as she did last week. This match was on par with their other one. Kaitlyn is improving and I like how she's going for a power-based moveset. It's standard to see that among the guys but a rarity with the girls so good for Kaitlyn on standing out. Alicia's Thesz Press was nice and it's a good surprise to see her going to the top rope a bit more often. The whole that's one, that's two thing was pretty fun as well and it helped keep the match interesting. Both Kaitlyn and Alicia are good with their personalities and it shows here when they're given time to develop them. Alicia hits her finisher fine this time. If there's any complaint about the match it's that it was a little too slow, but Kaitlyn's still very green so it's better to improve at her own pace. 6/10

Smackdown - AJ vs Natalya:
I was really excited for this and I was left hungry for more. The fans seemed pretty into this as well. The match was pretty technical and it was a nice pure contest that we've been missing from Smackdown as of late, just hoping our girls will beat the two minute mark. The match was short sure but we got a good teasing of AJ/Natalya and of course I want to see more. I feel that this the best match AJ has had since her debut on Smackdown and I hope she continues to be used a lot, being given proper match time as well as mic time. Natalya's turn was as good as Beth's and for a moment I thought she was gonna suplex AJ onto the announce table. What I loved about it was that she still kept the same smile she had as a face but it's different somehow. Anyway great night for Smackdown and it's now returned to form once again. 7/10

So we have two PPV matches coming up. I expect Tara and Miss Tessmacher to retain and I'm hoping Mickie will so that this feud with Winter can go on for a bit longer. I do want Winter to become Knockouts Champion but she was Tag Champion a few months ago, so it should be much more developed. I hope Beth/Kelly at SummerSlam gets a good build up because this is a match the fans could really get behind. Beth already seems like she'll be a lot more interesting than she was last time she was heel, Nattie too. Will we see them team up? Will they feud with each other? Only next week will tell.

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