Friday, 12 August 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #8

Hmm quite a week we have in store for us. We have two Knockouts title matches on a PPV as well as the final week before SummerSlam, hoping for some follow up on Natalya and Beth's recent heel turns. Let's take a look shall we?

Hardcore Justice - Tara & Miss Tessmacher* vs Sarita & Rosita (Knockouts Tag Team Championships):
I loved this match and I think it was the better of the two matches that night. Despite being a bit of a random team, Tara and Brooke are both capable enough to be good champions if this match is anything to go by. Brooke handled herself fine out there on PPV and I feel that this was much better than the original title match on Impact. Sarita deserves her props of course for wrestling with that mask on and it's not a bad look for her. Sure she's a pretty woman but no other Knockouts wear masks do they? I loved Rosita's hurricanrana and the chemistry between both of them was excellent as well as the false finishes. I was worried that it would be over before it got a chance to get going but it got plenty of time and was all the better for it. Brooke going around to the other corner and pulling Sarita down was a bit heelish but I guess it adds dimension to her character. The ending was fine and it was overall a pretty solid encounter. 8/10

Mickie James* vs Winter (Knockouts Championship):
I enjoyed this one as well though the tag match was a lot better. This one moved a lot slower but the work was good enough and I especially enjoyed the spots on the outside. It was definitely on-par with their Night of Champions match though that was more about telling a story while this was more hard-hitting. The part with Angelina entering the ring and hitting Mickie with her finisher made me mark out a little but I'm glad the match didn't end there. Like the tag match, it got a respectable amount of time and the girls did a good job with it. It didn't feel drawn out like Mickie/Madison and there were no botches like Mickie/Angelina so that's something to be happy about. The ending was iffy, what with Winter spitting that stuff in Mickie's eyes. I never like it when a big match gets an ending like that and I feel Winter could have used a move after the spray, for a more decisive finish. Whatever, I'm happy she's now champion because she deserves it. I wouldn't have minded Mickie having a longer reign but it was satisfactory with three other defences so it can be considered a success. 7/10

Raw - Eve vs Beth Phoenix:
I'm a little pissed that they just gave this match away when I've been waiting for it for nearly two years. Eve is one of the better divas and I was excited to see what she and Beth would be like. The match was pretty good though Eve's dropkicks did stick out a lot. Her enziguri on the other hand was great, sadly the crowd was dead. I was a bit disappointed with Beth - she's a heel now so I was expecting some kind of fire or passion in her but it was almost like two robots in the ring. Hopefully she can show some of the same charisma she had as a face in weeks to come. Her promo was alright but her mic skills aren't the best really. Regardless I think the title match has been built up nicely and hopefully it gets plenty of time, with both Kelly and Beth bringing their A-game. 6/10

Impact - Madison Rayne vs Mickie James (#1 contender's match):
Good lord, not another match between these two. Why does Mickie have to have a #1 contender's match, shouldn't she have an automatic rematch clause? And why is she all smiles despite losing her title on Sunday? Oh well she looked great anyway. I actually enjoyed this match though it was a bit bland starting off. Madison and her antics were hilarious but I hope she doesn't slip into her previous black hole of jobbing. Mickie putting the crown on had me laughing and the ending was funny enough as well. To be honest this match didn't need to be #1 contendership, it could just have been regular singles with Mickie getting on the mic and challenging Winter to a rematch. Oh well, we're getting the rematch anyway. 6/10

Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs ODB & Jacqueline:
I enjoyed this one. I think Brooke and Tara make a great team and it's nice that they went the extra mile and starting co-ordinating their ring gear. It makes them seem like a proper team instead of two random Knockouts thrown together. I feel that this is the best Jackie and ODB have been in the ring since their return and hopefully they are actually a part of the roster now. Brooke please stop doing the stinkface, it makes you look trashy and cheap considering you're copying it from your fellow Extreme Expose member. The match had a good balance of comedy and actual wrestling and I can't really find anything bad to say about it, except of course the school girl of doom. The superplex looked nice though. I wonder if they'll start a tag team feud between these four since Brooke was technically one of the model types that management showed favour in back at the start of 2010. 7/10

Superstars - Alicia Fox vs Tamina:
Okay, did I miss something on Smackdown? Is Alicia a face now? She was acting a little faceish with how she was the one in peril and she pandered to the crowd when she won. Can we at least get some actual confirmation on this? Maybe they plan to have Alicia run in on the PPV and help Kelly win her match? I'm clutching at straws here but she is on the poster...Anyway the match was just okay and it's good that Tamina is working with someone new for a change but she should have a match with Beth or Natalya instead to help her grow in the ring. Some good work but it was going at a snail's pace. Alicia surprised me with how agile she was, and the kick looked perfect this week. She didn't look half bad either. 5/10

Smackdown - Divas of Doom vs The Chick Busters:
I wish they'd give these greener girls a bit more time for matches considering that's the only way they're going to get used to working on TV. What we saw was good, especially Beth and Nattie's double team on Kaitlyn. The interaction between AJ and Beth was also very good, though I'd prefer AJ to feud with Kharma instead of Beth. The little segway into the Glam Slam was a nice and technical finish. The beatdown at the end was also fine though the crowd was sadly dead for the whole thing. The boos at the end were clearly fake. I could add in an extra b there since it's proven Beth and Nattie's aren't real ;). 5/10

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