Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #19

Vengeance - Beth Phoenix* vs Eve Torres (Divas' Championship):
Holy hell this was brilliant. I called it ages ago that these two would have a brilliant match and well the results speak for themselves. As much as I loved Beth/Kelly I feel that adding Eve into this storyline has really added an extra spice. Although Kelly has more experience than Eve and is more popular with the fans, Eve is definitely a lot more exciting in the ring. I feel WWE have never really given her a chance to let her show us the full extent of what she can do in the ring and here is a taste of it. Eve is definitely a diva who gets it. She's mastered the basics now and has a unique moveset that isn't style over substance like some of her earlier stuff. Putting her in the ring with someone as accomplished as Beth gave us a treat to watch. This is hands down the best match of Eve's career and yet another solid PPV match delivered by the Glamazon. She's now four in a row for solid matches on PPV and her title reign is off to a good start. I feel that the finish was perfect and it was just the win Beth was needing to establish herself as a strong champion. Now Eve is clearly getting another title match and I say bring it on. 7.5/10

Raw - Natalya vs Alicia Fox:
Yikes, did they have to give Alicia Maria's old theme music? How about something original and different for a change? Anyway I didn't like this. It looked pretty stiff and very sloppy, like these two were working against each other instead of with each other if that makes any sense. These two have had good matches before so I'm sensing their time got cut thanks to the countless replays of Triple H's spotlight stealing moment. There wasn't much to see and I wasn't a big fan of the ending. But thank Bob Alicia finally won a match. Eve just won another title match so I'm not sure where this leaves Alicia but I'm gonna go on what I suspected last Monday when this happened. I proposed a 5 on 5 Survivor Series match and I think this could have been the start of it. With Eve and Kelly watching from backstage and Alicia standing with them last night it seems to be heading that way. Also the Bellas were shown helping Beth and Nattie attackng Eve and Kelly in the backstage segment at Vengeance so there's their other teammates. Throw in Tamina and the Chick Busters and I say we have ourselves a match. 3/10

NXT - Kaitlyn vs Tamina:
These two had some patchy interactions during their "feud" back in the Summer but this was a much better show. Kaitlyn has been wrestling for just over a year and she has improved so much. Those few months she spent down in FCW after NXT really helped her out. I liked the backstage segment before this and all three women sounded so natural and spoke easily. Kaitlyn and AJ have good comic timing and Tamina managed to be menacing without overdoing it. The match was good enough but of course way too short. I mean it was only 30 seconds longer than the Raw match. I would have liked to see Kaitlyn get more of a comeback but what we saw from both girls was nice enough. Tamina is slowly improving as well and she has good ring presence. I'm also happy that creative has been mixing things up on NXT and getting several divas involved. Dare I say it but WWE has made sure all the divas are being used this week. 5.5/10

Impact - Gail Kim vs Tara:
On the other end of the spectrum, I was not impressed. Gail's promo was fantastic. She never really got to cut promos as a heel but she sounded pretty good and was getting great heat for it. The match on the other hand wasn't much to write home about. Yeah Gail's moves looked good but it was way too one-sided. Tara got maybe two moves in and the rest was just Gail dominating. Maybe she should have been doing this with someone like Brooke if she wanted to be shown as a big dominator. It just makes Tara look weak considering how accomplished she is. And the fact that Gail was wrestling in street clothes took away from the match and made it look a bit hokey. 4/10 for the match; 7/10 for the promo

Superstars - Bella Twins vs Eve & Kelly Kelly:
These two have had various matches this year and this was on par with their excellent one the night after SummerSlam. It was much of the same typical stuff from them - the Bellas isolating one team member and working over a body part. They do have great chemistry as a tag team, both as heels and faces although they could use more growth in their moves. If they could develop some more hard-hitting moves for their arsenals then their matches would be a lot more enjoyable. As is often the case with this combination of matches, I enjoyed Eve's part in the ring a lot more than Kelly's. Kelly plays a much better face in peril while Eve is a lot better at getting the hot tag sequence. I know we have to keep Eve and Kelly looking strong after they both lost to Beth recently but just once I'd like to see the Bellas get the win. 7/10

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