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WWE Superstars Dubbed

Well I promised you all another video and here it is. Now unlike the divas, most of the Superstars get a variety of songs personally made for them though of course some of them do get stuck with crappy production themes. Once again I tried to get in a variety of styles though it seems rock kept popping up a lot, and as always the trusty Tekken soundtrack came into play again as did some of the classic WWF/E theme music. The video can be watched at this link below.

Alex Riley:
Now this wasn't easy to figure out since he has one of the better themes in WWE right now and I'd be messing with success but I think the one I picked is a good replacement. The song is "Underdog" by Kasabian and the lyrics do fit his face turn pretty well. When he turned face he was branching out on his own, away from The Miz and rising up through the ranks as the new underdog. It's a pretty good fit when you watch the video back.

CM Punk:
I'll hold my hands up and admit I wasn't the biggest fan of his "This Fire Burns" theme but I do like his new theme that I don't know the name of. However I knew straight away which theme I'd be giving Punk in the dub. What with him being straight edge and covered in tattoos I went towards Grunge and so "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana was the most obvious choice. Watching him come out to it in the video is definitely a perfect fit.

Cody Rhodes:
Like Punk this one came to me straight away, though people probably won't know this song as well as the last two. It's "Ugly" by The Exies and I found out a couple of days ago that it was actually the theme for the 2004 Survivor Series. Of course with lyrics like "we are dirt/we are alone" and "are you like me/are you ugly" it goes so well with Cody's new disfigured and grotesque freak gimmick. Though I suppose I could have given him The Oddities' old theme as well.

Daniel Bryan:
With this one, I considered cheating and just giving him back "The Final Countdown". For those who don't know, he used that extensively on the indie scene and it became so associated with him, people were hoping WWE would get the rights to the song and let him use it when they signed him. Anyway getting the inspiration from that song, I stayed with Europe and found another pretty cool song by them called "Rock The Night" which has a similar beat to "The Final Countdown" but which doesn't sound as outdated. In fact I'm surprised no wrestler has this theme already (unless you'd like to correct me).

Evan Bourne:
The song I gave to this guy was a bit of a no-brainer as well though I'm sure a few people wouldn't agree. It's Audioslave's "Be Yourself" which was one of the themes for WrestleMania 26 as well as Ashley Massaro's music briefly in 2005. I guess the song is pretty simple as a title like Be Yourself is self explanatory. In this case being yourself means being one of the most talented guys in the world and my favourite wrestler currently in WWE. So it's a no-brainer that my favourite wrestler gets my favourite song.

Jack Swagger:
Now the Kurt Angle comparisons have been rolling in ever since WrestleMania 26 and even more so since he adopted the Ankle Lock as a finisher, it did seem like WWE were making him into Kurt Angle V2. And thus I couldn't resist giving him this theme. The one I went with was off the Anthology album and on the Youtube video I downloaded it from said Kurt Angle never used it but my brother says he remembers him using it briefly as a way to stop the "you suck" chants. So if Swagger's Kurt Angle V2 then he gets a retooled entrance theme.

Dolph Ziggler:
I was really stumped with this guy and there was no way I was giving him Billy, Chuck & Rico's old "You Look So Good To Me" theme that got hijacked by Santina. Browsing through my iTunes library, I came across this song by The Fratellis called "Tell Me A Lie". I think the beat and rhythm are quite similar to Dolph's "I Am Perfection" theme and so it works well enough over his entrance.

John Cena:
You'll notice I used a clip from 2004 when he was almost universally loved by fans. Going in with that gimmick, I looked at Eminem songs first but couldn't really find any that worked. I ignored Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark and eventually went with this fun little remix of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" with rapping from Wycleaf Jean mixed in with it. And really, who else makes the other wrestlers bite the dust better than Cena?

John Morrison:
Now this was a real stumper. I eventually decided that for the flashier guys like Morrison and Kofi, I would go back to the Tekken soundtrack and pick up themes that had no lyrics. Flashy guys like them don't really need the songs, they just need something catchy and memorable. This time it's Tekken 3 and the theme belongs to the man himself Jin Kazama. I was a little unsure if it would work when he was in slow-motion but it still flows really well.

Kofi Kingston:
You'll notice I ignored that he and Evan Bourne are now both part of Air Boom (whose theme I actually like) and gave them both separate entrances. Like with Morrison I went with something without lyrics because it's really the character-driven wrestlers and the powerhouses that need songs describing themselves. The flashy guys don't need those as the lyrics can sometimes distract from all the theatrics they do in their entrances. I always found Kofi's song a little distracting and I think it's run it's course since they've dropped his Jamaican gimmick. The theme is once again from Tekken 3 and it's the arcade version of Eddy Gordo's theme.

Ignoring his heel turn, mostly because I would feel really weird trying to dub over that strange period where he didn't come out to any music at all. This is the theme he used when he was first in WWF as K-Kwik (don't worry if you don't remember it as WWE seem to have forgotten it as well) firstly when he was with Road Dogg and then on his own. It's called "Gettin Rowdy" and of course it doesn't match up with the sound that well but I prefer it to his old "What's Up" song.

Randy Orton:
This was another hard one to pick considering how iconic his "Voices" theme song is now. I scrolled through my iTunes library looking for various songs to use before I remembered "Living In A Dream" by Finger Eleven. It was the theme to this year's Royal Rumble and I actually remember watching the PPV and hearing the theme and thinking it would make a good entrance theme. Playing it over Orton's incredibly slow entrance it actually fits and it's a pretty badass theme to come out to.

Rey Mysterio:
I decided to ignore the obvious Latin-inspired songs and peppy super hero stuff as well as the Tekken soundtrack because Rey isn't as flashy as Kofi or Morrison. The song I went with is "Touch the Sky" by Kanye West and it has lyrics that fit a high flyer with substance well enough such as "the day I die/I'm gonna touch the sky" and it's a nice feel good tune (regardless of the big headed guy singing it) which is perfect for the ultimate underdog in WWE right now.

I'm ignoring a lot of recent heel and face turns it seems but mostly I had this video clip on my hard drive already and I didn't want to download another one just to incorporate his face run. Anyway I think the theme I picked for him could work as a face or heel theme either way. I actually considered giving him Triple H's old "My Time" or "Higher Brain Pattern" themes but then I thought that was a little too obvious and easy. I went even further than the Tekken soundtrack and went straight to the crossover with Street Fighter. This is Hwoarang's theme and I think the hard beat really fits Sheamus. I also made a point to ignore any ceili music for obvious reasons.

Sin Cara:
Once again this was a tricky one. While he is a luchador, he's not as personable or knowable as Rey Mysterio since he has that mysterious edge to him. So I went with the rationale that I had for Kofi and Morrison and went to the Tekken soundtrack. The track I picked is from Tekken Tag Tournament and is actually the only theme on that game I like, belonging to Yoshimitsu. It has a nice flow to it and goes pretty well over Sin Cara's entrance. And no there was no way I was going to make a separate one for Hunico as well.

Ted DiBiase:
This was officially the hardest one to pick a theme for. That isn't me saying I like his "I Come From Money" theme song but what song exactly do you give to this guy. I did acknowledge his recent face turn so I went through a whole list of songs about redemption etc since that's really what all new faces have to do. The one I ended up choosing is Linkin Park's "Breaking The Habit". First of all I tried a sped up version of the song to go with his entrance but it was all wrong and didn't sound good at all. The normal slower version of the song worked much better as you can see in the video.

The Miz:
Aha so someone did end up getting Billy Gunn's old theme music after all. Now this one probably isn't as well known as his "Ass Man" theme but it does come from the cool period when he got a bit of a singles push as "The One" (but as always WWF dropped the ball with him). The lyrics to the song don't really fit a face that well do they since it's titled "I've Got It All" and has lyrics like "everything you wish you had/God gave it all to me" which means it's practically an anthem for The Miz. I know I'm reaching here but watching the video it almost seems like he's moving in time to the music.

Tyson Kidd:
You're probably wondering what this guy is doing on the list considering the other people who got left out but Tyson Kidd has always been underrated to me in WWE ever since the Hart Dynasty split up. I was considering giving him a Tekken theme but I had kind of run out of ones that I thought were usable and so I went back through my iTunes library and found Thin Lizzy's classic "Boys Are Back in Town". I did consider using Funeral For A Friend's cover of the song but the original worked a lot better and it helps me keep my hopes up that DH Smith will get rehired and we'll have that Hart Dynasty reunion.

Wade Barrett:
Now in contrast to the tricky ones that came before him, I knew straight away which theme I was going to give to Wade. Zipping through the collection of Brit Punk the obvious choice was "God Save The Queen" by the Sex Pistols. I thought about using "Anarchy In The UK" as well but this one went over better in the video and I suppose I can always save the latter for William Regal when I do my classic WWF/E dubbing.

Zack Ryder:
Now this guy falls into the category of wrestlers I became a fan of purely because I liked their entrance music (*cough* Victoria) so replacing the iconic "Oh Radio" tune was going to be hard. I considered just throwing the Jersey Shore theme song out there but then I remembered Ryder didn't want to get nuclear levels of X-Pac Heat whenever he came out. The song I went with does come from Jersey Shore though I don't actually know the name of it. It's a fun party song and I think it's a fitting replacement.

So there you have it. The current Superstars and Divas have gotten some brand new entrance themes in a variety of styles and in a hypothetical agreement with Namco as well. Who knows which video I'll do next though I am strongly thinking of going back to the good old days and messing around with some of the classic WWF and E tunes. Until then.

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