Friday, 4 November 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #20

Raw - Halloween #1 Contender's Battle Royal:
Well of course since it was Halloween there was obviously going to be some silliness going down so I suppose it's just as well we got some story continuation mixed in with it. I guess Aksana is part of the women's division now since Maryse is gone. Hopefully the rumours about Naomi finally getting called up are true. The costumes were fun as always though Beth's had me laughing. As a battle royal it wasn't too imaginative but still fairly decent. The Eve/Kelly double team was fun and Beth was funny on commentary but not much else to talk about other than that. I will say that Natalya had been looking weak for a while now after all her losses but this helped build her back up a bit since she eliminated 3 divas and managed to fight off the final 3. It was surprising to see Eve win when Alicia beat Natalya last week but she does seem to have a habit of winning these costume battle royals doesn't she? I'm all for this next title match since they gave us gold at Vengeance. However I'd rather have the match on Raw or Smackdown and get a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. I mean we've had singles title matches at every PPV since Over The Limit. I think they are going in the 5 on 5 direction since they had Alicia stand with Kelly and Eve at the end. 3/10

NXT - Kaitlyn vs Tamina:
I'd say about on par with last week's match even though it got a bit more time. I preferred the interactions in last week because it was more traditional but this time we saw Kaitlyn try to use submissions to wear Tamina down. It was a little weird and almost made me feel like we were watching a heel vs heel match even though the action was good. I enjoyed the match anyway and I'm happy both divas are getting chances to wrestle and speak with proper time. I mean neither of them were going to grow much as wrestlers if they were getting squashed by Beth and Natalya in two minutes. Kaitlyn using the Side Effect looked much nicer than the move she used to pin Maxine a couple of weeks ago though there is a guy I wrestle with who uses that as his finisher and I'm not sure he'll be too pleased to hear about this. 5/10

Titus O'Neill, Percy Watson & AJ vs Derrick Bateman, JTG & Maxine:
Can I just say how facepalm worthy the opening segment was? The Muppets' comedy on Raw somehow worked and yet "fish lips" is the best they can come up with for this? It makes me miss the good old days when they could simply call Maxine a gold digger...wait they can still do that since gold digger isn't exactly non-PG is it? Anyway the divas didn't work for a lot of the match but that's fine since they had four lengthy matches across the last few months and their interaction was fine. It was good to include these two and get them back in the ring this week as they do have good chemistry. The rest of the match was pretty fun as well and who knew Titus O'Neill would get so good in the ring? I sense Maxine teaming up with Tamina to take on the Chick Busters next week. 6/10

Impact - Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs Tara & Brooke Tessmacher* (Knockouts Tag Team Championships):
Sigh, TNA really do love to overbook things don't they. It seems like they were so desperate to get Gail back that they just hand her the belts after three weeks. Did they forget she's also challenging for the Knockouts title? I'm fine with a total domination storyline as long as it gets drawn out and developed a bit more. Tara and Brooke were doing pretty well as Tag champs but they weren't really given much chances to become memorable champions. It's just like WWE giving the belt to Nattie, then Eve and then Brie without any real meaning. True a heel champ is likely to be more fun but it's like they just uproot all their current talent just for the sake of putting the belt on Gail without her even working for it. The match was fine and I would like to see a lengthy Gail/Brooke match in the future. Thankfully the faces got in plenty of offence. The ending was good enough even with my opinions about the booking. 6/10

Smackdown - Natalya vs Alicia Fox:
Holy crap WWE were really pulling for these two to have to fight upstream in this match weren't they. They give the segment three minutes in total, keep both entrances and show an unneeded replay of what happened on Monday. Give the girls a bit of a chance please. Anyway the opening moments did seem like they were rushing through whatever time they had left. The match was actually still alright and much better than the awkward one they had last week on Raw. Still too short of course but I think without both entrances and the stupid replay it would have been better. I liked Alicia's new finisher and it's good she wins a match without a roll-up so technically that's the first time she's beaten Nattie clean. 5/10

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