Friday, 11 November 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #21

So another week is upon us and yet another PPV approaches this Sunday, with gold at stake. Meanwhile in WWE we come closer to our fourth and final Big 4 PPV of the year, and of course we do have a wedding coming up on NXT. Should be a good one.

Raw - Kelly's Cover Unveiling:
Well a promo is always a welcome change from a match but there was one big problem with it - Beth and Natalya were seriously overdoing it. They were trying to be LayCool too much at the start, much like Tamina and Rosa tried over on Smackdown. It didn't seem natural and it was a little cringeworthy because Beth and Natalya don't have Michelle and Layla's flair for comedy. The other part of the promo however was much better with the DoD being intimidating and menacing. They should have actually attacked Kelly and tried to put her in the submission hold. As for the Divas' title match between Beth and Eve, I expect we'll get it on the special 3 hour Raw next week as it should get enough time and hopefully some more development towards a Survivor Series match. Segment rating: 5/10

NXT Watch:
Maxine and Derrick Bateman make a great double act and now they've thrown in Johnny Curtis as well which makes it even better. True some of the gags were a little silly but this is still PG TV and these folks aren't CM Punk or John Cena are they? Anyway WWE weddings are never normal so what tricks will we get when Batemax try to tie the knot? And the segment with Tamina, JTG and The Usos was pretty fun as well. Too bad no Chick Busters or matches this week.

Impact - Gail Kim & Madison Rayne* vs Velvet Sky & Mickie James (Knockouts Tag Team Championships):
So Madison has to come out to Gail's music now? Anyway this match was pretty fun, regardless of TNA's strange booking - shouldn't Tara and Brooke get their rematches first before any other challengers step forward? I'd say it's one of the best Knockouts tag matches TNA have put on this year. The moves were all pretty solid and I forgot how talented a heel Gail used to be. For some reason the match felt more intense than some of the other typical Ricky Morton hot tag matches earlier in the year. The Gail/Velvet interaction was a good tease for this Sunday's match and I'm sure they can pull out the stops to make it worth watching. I hope to God Gail doesn't win because both she and Velvet deserve better. I want Velvet to have a lengthy first run as Knockouts Champion and I'd love TNA to give her one like WWE did for Kelly Kelly and hers. Though with TNA's crazy troll booking Gail will win this Sunday, Velvet will win it back on Impact and then probably lose it to Karen herself in a game of pass the parcel. 8/10

Smackdown - Alicia Fox w/Aksana vs Tamina w/Rosa Mendes:
I've been hoping for Aksana to eventually become part of the women's division and I think she just has. The segments with Teddy could only go on for so long and now we have a nice transition from those into the division. I'm sensing that maybe Aksana could turn on Alicia eventually to join the Divas of Doom. She is a former fitness model and is noticeably a lot more buff than the rest of the divas, plus she has a power moveset which could fit in well with Beth and Natalya. The only worry is that Aksana is a bit of a comedy character, regardless of what she's doing in FCW right now so maybe that'll undermine what the DoD are supposed to represent. As for the match, it was good despite being so short. I think the lack of time helped Tamina in fact since she's finally improved on her timing. Alicia keeps racking up the wins now though I'd like to see the divas get at least four minutes on Smackdown from now on considering it used to be a much better show for them. 5.5/10

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