Friday, 2 September 2011

Week In Review For Women's Wrestling #11

Well we're at the halfway point between SummerSlam and Night of Champions so if we're going to see any story continuation this week then it should be big right? We have a special live episode of Smackdown and a certain anticipated title match on Impact as well. Should be a good one.

Raw - Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella:
Sorry but I'm more than bored of the Bellas already. I can't believe I actually want Maryse to get back soon so we can start having some fresh matches. Those criticisms aside, the match wasn't too bad. It was short but so were a lot of the matches in 2003. What matters is what these two did with the time they had. They put on a decent match though I wasn't really too excited about the outcome. Beth and Natalya finally spoke though if you ask me they really need to get physical this week on Raw and do something major. Please god stop putting them in those outfits. How the hell are we supposed to take them seriously as badass heels when they're dolled up to the nines? Beth does not look right at all. The end was surprising and that must be Kelly's first loss as Divas' Champion. It does raise questions such as the Bellas being included in the feud? Maybe even a 6-pack challenge at Night of Champions? Given WWE can't seem to decide on the rules of that particular match it'll probably be one fall to a finish and a Bella is likely taking the pin. I don't buy into the rumours of Eve turning heel because I pray it doesn't happen. 6/10

Smackdown - DoD vs Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox:
I knew they'd have the DoD on this episode in a tag match though I expected Eve instead of Alicia. If I'm being honest, I would have preferred more follow-up to Alicia being attacked by Natalya but it's a little more fanfare than when she first turned heel anyway. I enjoyed this match more than the Raw match and Kelly did some good moves with Natalya, especially that spot at the turnbuckle. We haven't really seen Kelly/Natalya much before so hopefully that's something we can watch out for. I might be clutching at straws but it seems Natalya is getting more of a build-up than Beth is. Like maybe they'll have Kelly go over Beth at Night of Champions and then have her feud with Natalya. I'm not sure I'd be ready for another Natalya title reign considering she was champion back in January and they did nothing with her but I'd like to see her feud with Eve and Alicia (maybe Kaitlyn briefly, she does still have a title match afterall) and then split her and Beth up, leading to a big WrestleMania match. Anyway I liked Alicia's new babyface offence and she was a little shaky but she will adjust. It does kind of feel as though they've killed her momentum but she isn't in the title picture right now so just bide our time for now. Oh and Beth looked like a waitress in a 50s diner. 6/10

Impact - Winter* vs Mickie James (Knockouts Championship):
Well I definitely wasn't expecting this and to be honest it sucks for Winter. I liked Mickie's run as champion but honestly why take the title off her just to put it back on two weeks later? It's stupid booking and almost as bad as the Angelina/Madison hot potato that they kept playing last year with the belt. I don't get it and I'm wondering who Winter pissed off. It seems like whenever she makes progress in a company she always seems to end up having Mickie get the better of her. Mickie doesn't need another title reign so soon and they have buried one of the best heels they have. The match itself was fine although Mickie got way too much offence in. Winter got barely any of her own and it was nearly Melina/Alicia all over again. She spent most of the match as a punching bag for Mickie, and if she had won then it would be okay, but combined with her winning the title dirtily it just makes her look weak. Who do they want to push now? We don't need another throwaway Angelina title reign any time soon and at least with a heel champ we could have had some direction. Though, knowing TNA's crazy booking Winter will probably win the title right back in a couple of weeks herself. 6/10

So this week nothing was outstanding and nothing was bad. Every match was just ok. Hopefully WWE can kick this DoD thing into gear on Monday. They did well with the match on Smackdown so now all we need is another match on Raw and put the promo on Smackdown or vice versa, just to clarify what will be going down at Night of Champions. I'd hate to be writing for TNA since I can't imagine how they're going to book this one now. However I do like this new direction they have Karen in so that could be a lot to look forward to.

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