Friday, 23 September 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #14

So this week we had a WWE PPV that was highly anticipated by many fans, especially since it was taking place in a certain diva's hometown and of course the accompanying fall-out from that while TNA developed their Knockouts Championship storyline headed towards Bound For Glory. Should be good...

Night of Champions - Kelly Kelly* vs Beth Phoenix (Divas' Championship):
I have to say this but this match felt epic. The build up itself wasn't that epic but it certainly felt that way with how vocal the crowd were. I loved that they actually cared about the outcome and who won which shows WWE must be doing something right though it's too bad we can't have all the title matches in a diva's hometown. They took what was wrong with their (already good) SummerSlam match and improved on it here. Beth was a bit shaky with her moves there but here she was solid and injected plenty of personality while Kelly continues to impress with how much improvement she's made since her first PPV singles match last year. Also Eve and Natalya finally got to do something other than clapping at ringside and they both played their managers roles very well. I especially loved that hurricanrana Kelly did at the start as well as Beth's six superplex. While Beth's I Quit match was better, this is definitely the best match of Kelly's career and it's going on my MOTY candidates list. The ending was controversial but the way it happened was so the feud could go on without burying either competitor. Kelly is the underdog, just catching Beth off guard and we're obviously going to get another match, maybe against Natalya or a third against Beth. I'm not fussed since Kelly's recently put on solid matches with both of them so I say bring it on. 8/10

Raw - Divas of Doom vs Kelly Kelly & Eve:
Two big annoyances about this: first of all they couldn't have given this a bit more hype considering a lot of us have been waiting for these two teams to finally be facing off. Secondly with the amount of time they got why the hell did they show the two entrances? Put both teams in the ring and they have enough time to have a better match. That being said the match wasn't half bad and Eve gets to work with Beth again. They worked well as always and I can't wait to see a full-fledged feud between those two if/when Beth or Natalya gets the title. From the looks of it, the focus is still on Beth and they're booking both teams to be equal in terms of strength. Curious though that Natalya and Eve were in the decision but I guess they needed to build Eve up after losing to Beth. Again more time would have been better but I think we're gonna see these two teams square off a lot more in the future. 5/10

NXT - AJ vs Maxine:
I didn't expect to get a third match again so soon after the last one but it was solid and on-par with the last one and much better than the first one. I remember how awkward both of these girls were on NXT, AJ improved as the season went on but those few extra months in FCW really helped both of them out. I'm very impressed with how Maxine has grown as a wrestler and she's already looking better in the ring than the likes of Maryse, Rosa and Tamina. AJ got in a lot more offence last week though it's curious she's using the Shining Wizard as a finisher now since she used it as a regular move in her matches with Tamina on Smackdown. I suppose anything is better than the school girl of doom (are you listening Eve?). So this storyline isn't over? I guess we'll be seeing things moving out of the ring for the divas next week since having an AJ/Maxine match every episode will get boring even if the matches themselves are solid. 7/10

Impact - Mickie James vs Miss Tessmacher:
I loved the backstage segment since Karen is hilarious though I don't like Traci's hair. The bob will never be attractive on any woman. This one was short but still good to look at. These two share a chemistry that Mickie hasn't really shown in her matches with Madison and Tara. Their title match months ago was better but this was still entertaining. I wish Brooke would stop using the stink face though since she's in a company that can't seem to find the balance between T&A and actual wrestling despite having a strong women's division. I was honestly expecting a Mickie heel turn after the match given how she was acting after the stink face. The finish was abrupt but the favourite advances into the F4W. Hopefully the Tag Team titles get defended on PPV as well. 7/10

Xplosion - Madison Rayne vs Mickie James:
Why is Mickie working two matches this week? How about giving the spot to Tara who hasn't been featured much lately? This one was pretty good, the opening exchanges were fun as Madison is just hilarious. Her offence was nice and I liked that facecrusher she used. Mickie's offence on the other hand was much slower and predictable, pretty much what we've come to expect from her. This was a little better than their last PPV match and maybe on par with the rest but nothing special really. The ending parts were nicely done though the counter into the DDT looked a little sloppy. 6/10

Smackdown - Divas Of Doom vs Chick Busters:
I repeat the statement I made in the Raw entry about the entrances. This got the same amount of time as Raw, maybe less actually, but nixing one of the entrances helped it be a better match. Although it was a short one I enjoyed it a lot more than the Raw match. Holy hell, Kaitlyn, what an outfit but she's got the body to pull it off. The interaction between her and Natalya was nice to look at, as was the stuff between her and Beth. The double vertical suplex did look a bit shaky but still good. AJ and Beth show great chemistry though I'm a little annoyed that AJ got fed to her again this week when Kaitlyn could do with getting Glam Slammed though maybe they don't want her taking such a big bump when she's so green? The DoD and Eve/Kelly remain equal with the heels winning here on Smackdown though hopefully on Raw we can start building towards the next title match. 7/10

So a decent week for both parties where we had a MOTY on PPV as well as some solid action all around. Hopefully next week can deliver as well especially on Raw.

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