Friday, 9 September 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #12

Well last week we saw the DoD finally return to the ring and we were told there would be a title match at Night of Champions while over on Impact we got a new Knockouts Champion as well as a new VP of the Knockouts division. Should be a good one

Raw - Beth Phoenix vs Eve (#1 contender's match):
It's not likely but I wonder if these two read my review of their last match? I said it was good but Beth needed to work on personality and Eve needed to polish herself up a little. Here we saw exactly that - Beth showed plenty of personality and some of that same spark we saw during her feud with Melina, going after the arm and just little things like her expressions. These two put on a very good match and I'd be all for an Eve/Beth feud if/when Beth gets the title because I think they could do great things with 10 minutes on PPV. It definitely felt like an important match anyway, like a #1 contendership should feel though my only real gripe is how Eve took the Glam Slam. It looked like it hurt but it didn't look right. Kelly and Natalya were great on commentary. Kelly really seems to have improved her mic skills and she and Nattie bounced really well off each other even if it did take away from the match going on. Good we got a post match attack although Kelly might have oversold it a bit. Beth please God stop wrestling in those ridiculous outfits. I keep expecting her to slap on an apron and a pair of rollerskates. 7/10

NXT - AJ & Titus O'Neil vs Maxine & Derrick Bateman:
Well I saw this coming a mile off though I wasn't sure WWE would actually follow up with this since the NXT Graduates Special was on last week. We saw some more good work from AJ and Maxine that was on-par with what we got the last time they wrestled. I think I enjoyed this match a little more because we saw a lot more offence from AJ. Maxine tried a couple more moves to keep things fresh and little things like that really make a difference. She has so much charisma and now she's definitely improved in the ring so that is a pretty good sign. I haven't been paying much attention to her down in FCW like I have to AJ, Naomi and Aksana but she's obviously worked hard. It seems like they will be trying other ways to continue this feud so I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do next. As an aside, does Titus O'Neil remind anyone else of Ezekiel Jackson? Only more charisma and more entertaining in the ring. 7/10

Impact - Velvet Sky & Mickie James vs Winter & Angelina Love:
TNA's idiotic troll booking never fails to amaze me. We get Winter's rematch this Sunday when Mickie won the title last week. Would it have killed them to put Mickie's rematch on the PPV just so Winter could have had a bit of a longer title reign? The match was pretty good and I'm glad to see Velvet getting back in the ring, loved that double move she used which I remember Trish busting out a couple of times. Winter's hair seems to have taken on a life of its own, like she may have used a whisk instead of a hair brush. About 3/4 of the match was very good but the ending moments looked awkward. Velvet and Angelina seemed to hesitate and be unsure of what they were doing and when they did do it, it just looked slow. I guess I'm looking forward to the PPV match though I don't think I'm going to be pleased with either outcome. If Mickie wins then we have no real challenger to give her yet and if Winter wins then she's already a 2-time champion in the space of four weeks and the first title switch makes no sense at all. 6/10

Superstars - Alicia Fox vs Tamina:
Likewise we have another two divas who really improved on their last match together. Alicia Fox is a diva who definitely gets it. She's wrestled some of the best in the business and she oozes charisma, and now she's a face we see she's just as gifted in the ring. Tamina is also improving though she needs to work on her timing since the part where she was in control did move along pretty slowly. I think she should have done a big move  like a scoop slam or a backbreaker before she went for the splash because it wasn't really believable that Alicia would stay down after a headbutt and leg drop. The finish was decent and I'm happy with this match. Alicia is still racking up the wins and she just needs to have some time invested in her by the writing team so the fans can get behind her. It's good that Tamina is working regularly on TV or else she'll go the same way as Maria and Ashley, not improving at all and just being hit and miss. 7/10

Smackdown - Kelly Kelly vs Natalya:
WWE has been on fire this week and I like that we had both halves of the DoD in singles matches against either Eve and Kelly in one week. I was really excited to see Kelly and Natalya go at it and I wasn't disappointed. Natalya gels with just about everyone and she added that extra spark and fire into the match, making it seem like a big deal. I could have honestly seen it go on for a whole lot longer but what we got was fun and new. This is only actually the second match these two have had, the first being back when Nattie first debuted and Kelly was first starting to come into her own as a wrestler. This was of course much better than that and way more intense. You could really feel the animosity from these two and like Eve/Beth I want more. 8/10

So WWE really upped the heights on this feud going into Night of Champions with the title match announced and confirmed, the DoD finally getting physical, some good build up and the second string players getting a chance to shine on TV. Hopefully they'll remember Kaitlyn as well next week. Meanwhile TNA have a PPV coming up and hopefully the girls can deliver despite having to fight upstream against the crappy booking.

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