Friday, 16 September 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #13

Hmm quite an eventful week I must say. We have a TNA PPV starting off as well as the finale hurdle going into Night of Champions, plus all the fallout from No Surrender including a match being set up for Bound For Glory. Should be a good one?

No Surrender - Mickie James* vs Winter (Knockouts Championship):
I called it. Winter won the title back. The TNA creative team shows that they are just idiots throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. Was it too much to simply hype up the first Mickie/Winter rematch for the PPV and just have it there with Winter going over Mickie cleanly, solidifying her first strong win as Knockouts Champion? No instead we get another dirty title win with the exact same ending as the first title match and we have two women as 2-time champs already in the space of about four weeks. Making Winter a 2-time champion this early does not make her look strong or anything, and now Mickie has been effectively screwed right now as well. Both these women got pointless two-week reigns that did nothing for either of them. It's almost as bad as the hot potato that kept going on with Tara and ODB as well as the stupid switch from Tara to Angelina to Madison last year. Anyway the actual match was very good and I'd say it's the best these two have ever had. I guess in kayfabe terms it does make both of them look like really strong competitors. Angelina was used in a good way as well, that girl really does have a nack for managing. She's good in the ring as well but at least she is able to make herself adapt to whatever role she's in at the moment. Just an overall very solid match, despite the booking behind it. The ending was much better done than in the last PPV match. 7/10

Raw - Kelly Kelly vs Vickie Guerrero:
I liked the backstage segment though of course the Insult Dissonance kicks in with Kelly being offended by being called by her real name, body size and hair colour. The match was short thankfully but not that entertaining, I mean Kelly really should have thought better than to have Vickie try and sell a bulldog. She could have hit a finisher since Vickie took the Kelly Killer fine at WrestleMania 26 but at least they did remember to include Beth at the end. It ain't much of a build up but it's more than Melina and Michelle got on Raw for their match last year. The segment with Beth and the Bellas was cool but thankfully the Bellas were still heelish with Beth coming across more tweener like and hopefully it's a one-off without an actual DoD/Bellas feud starting up. Push Eve, AJ, Alicia or even Kaitlyn but not the Bellas just yet. 2/10

NXT - AJ vs Maxine:
WWE follows up with another good development in this little feud. Maxine has already won more matches on the actual roster than she did when she was an NXT contestant. It's good that the booking for this feud has been fairly even since Maxine got the two singles victory but AJ won the mixed tag match, so that does leave some doors open for this to go on. And WWE have been getting a bit creative with this storyline so I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually interested in something involving Hornswoggle. I think this was better than the first singles match since Maxine added more moves to her arsenal. I always assumed she'd go in the same direction as Maryse, just hitting the basics and not really growing as a wrestler but she's making an effort and it's working. AJ didn't get in as much offence as I would have liked but this feud is obviously going to continue so it's necessary for Maxine to control these matches at this point so fans want to see AJ get her eventually. Maxine's new finisher is impressive and it reminds me of Roxxi's Voodoo Drop. Good job girls, give us more. 7/10

Impact - The Pope, Devon, Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs Mexican America:
Hmm I'll admit I didn't enjoy it as much as the last intergender tag match we got since it was so short and really a bit messy. There wasn't really any coherence with the rules and by the end I wasn't sure if either Sarita or Rosita had even been tagged in at all. We didn't see much intergender action so that was kinda lame, especially since we know Tara can go toe-to-toe with the guys if she wants to. However the end spot was nicely done with the double finishers and I had to lol at Sarita and Rosita making passes at Devon's sons in the crowd though I think Sarita would have to take her mask off if she wanted to be more successful in that area. Oh well, good to have the Tag champs back on TV and hopefully we can get a storyline going for them in the next few weeks. 5/10

Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky (#1 Contender's Match):
In some more of TNA's insane troll booking, shouldn't Mickie technically have a rematch in her contract? If TNA were pool then Mickie should technically have two when she won a #1 contender's match while she still should have had a rematch clause. Anyway I guess we were all expecting this eventually and I'm glad it's finally happening but TNA could have made it much better by having Winter go over Mickie cleanly in the rematch and also defending against some random challenger at the PPV, setting her up as a strong champion. Now, while I'm happy we're getting Velvet vs Winter at Bound For Glory, I don't want Velvet to win outright. Maybe if Winter had a longer reign then I'd be okay with Velvet winning but I think they could use it as the start of the feud and have it continue on a bit. I mean Velvet vs Winter is a pretty big match to have so maybe have Angelina cause a DQ finish at Bound For Glory and build the next match up to the next PPV. Anyway the match was fine and one of their better ones, considering these two don't exactly click together. The ending was just annoying though since Winter hit Angelina with the title right in front of the referee. They could have used that to make it a triple threat but whatever. Hopefully this push means big things for Velvet as I want her to become Knockouts Champion eventually. I see her and Kelly being quite similar in that they were never known for being talented wrestlers but worked hard to improve and are now their company's rising stars. Kelly's title reign has been one of the better in recent years and hopefully Velvet can make this her year. 6/10

Smackdown - Beth Phoenix vs AJ:
Welcome back to TV at last, Kaitlyn, though I kinda wish it had been her in the match instead of AJ. Obviously they kept this short because they don't seem to want AJ to wrestle for longer than two minutes on Smackdown but I enjoyed the small amount of interaction we got. I doubt this is a tease for an eventual Beth/AJ match though I do get the feeling that they are stalling until AJ is completely comfortable wrestling on TV so she can Beth can have a full-fledged match. I wished it had been Kaitlyn since AJ already lost to Maxine on NXT and Kaitlyn should be working more matches to help her grow in the ring. The promo at the end was fine and I feel like the NOC match has been built up decently. Both challengers have momentum going into it and if WWE gives them the same amount of time (or more) as SummerSlam then I'm sure they can deliver. 4/10

Aksana Watch:
I'm loving these segments with Aksana pushing the boundaries of PG TV every week. In a few years when there's a Wikipedia page about this era in WWE then hopefully she'll be on it. It's a weird thing to hope for but yeah. It was cool to see her and Trish interact though I was expecting more for Trish's return. I guess it is good that she didn't get in the ring and distract from the Divas' title match on Sunday.

So certainly an eventful week at the least with a new champion, the start of a feud that I've been hoping for for quite some time and the final stop going into Night of Champions. Honestly, I'm happy whatever the outcome will be. If Beth wins then good for her and if Kelly wins then she gets a longer title reign and maybe a feud with Natalya? Anyway that's it for now

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