Friday, 30 September 2011

Week in Review for Women's Wrestling #15

So it's that time of year again where we rush storylines going into the silly Hell In A Cell PPV. What's surprising is that the divas have never been left off the card of this considering how little build up it gets. TNA meanwhile are edging even closer to Bound For Glory and we're putting the finishing touches on the big Fatal 4 Way that could possibly end in a DQ finish since this is TNA. Let's get going:

Raw - Divas of Doom vs Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres:
I'll give WWE credit they did only release one girl but two injured and another walking out has really left the division very shallow if we're getting this match the very next week. I liked the video package they made for Kelly and more importantly I liked that they actually showcased her wrestling talents in it as well. Stuff like that is really helpful to make Kelly's title reign seem important. Another little thing I liked is the announcers saying we were having this rematch because Beth and Natalya requested it. The match was loads better than last week and not just because of timing. The DoD were great with their double teams and I'm loving Nattie's new submission hold. I'm going to draw attention to something that really stuck out to me - when Kelly screams during a submission hold most of the time it sounds like she's having an orgasm but when Eve screams she sounds like she's in real pain. Eve and Natalya have excellent chemistry which we've seen from these tag matches and their awesome match on Raw back in February so hopefully there's more to come from the two second stringers. The closing moments of this match were excellent especially with Natalya being Genre Savvy enough to dodge Eve's charge. To the Kelly haters Beth giving her the Glam Slam happens now because it makes it all the more poignant. Kelly has been the top girl since July and so far in storyline we've been thinking maybe she can keep her title but now Beth makes an impact by pinning the champion clean. 8/10

Impact - Madison Rayne vs Tara (Queen's Qualifier Match):
The video package was impressive but I'm still pissed that the grudge match between these two never happened on PPV. The in-ring work wasn't that mind blowing but Madison's antics were brilliant. She truly is a gem in the Knockouts division and while she's certainly had her run with the belt, I'm hopeful she'll get her push sometime in the late future. Involving the referee was a great touch and Earl must have been proper chuffed to have Madison fawning all over him like that. I felt this could have done with more time since these two have never really had an opportunity to have a full length hard hitting match. Even their one at Sacrifice was pretty short if you ask me. Anyway I'm happy Madison got included in the F4W as now we have our good set up of two heels and two faces. I want Winter to retain and feud with Velvet but a good idea would be to have her face each of the participants in a singles title match after Bound For Glory, saving Velvet for last. Hopefully keeping Tara out of the match means that she and Brooke might get a match of their own at the PPV though lord knows we don't need to see another match against Sarita and Rosita. 6/10

Superstars - The Bella Twins vs The Chick Busters:
I think right now Alicia, Rosa and Tamina are the only divas who aren't in a tag team which is ironic considering they were a stable several months ago. And what an outfit for the Bellas though I distinctly remember Dawn Marie and Victoria doing something like that first. Kaitlyn's new gear is pretty hot as well. I enjoyed this one and I'm happy AJ and Kaitlyn have been working on TV regularly and finally being given more time to hone their skills. Kaitlyn is improving every time she steps into the ring while divas like Rosa and Tamina seem stuck in a holding pattern. The double teams were pretty fun to watch and Nikki Bella continues to outshine her sister especially with that whole routine mocking Kaitlyn trying to make a tag. The match breakdown at the end was usual stuff and done well though I wish they'd stop making AJ take these pins. Give Kaitlyn a loss to make AJ seem less like their new Kelly-jobber. 7/10

Smackdown - Kelly Kelly vs Natalya:
Now these two had an excellent match a few weeks ago but this week's was much too short. And you know what, I'm fine with that since we can't really have Kelly/Natalya given away so easily. They showed some of that good chemistry we saw in the last match and the few moves in this were done well at least. It seems that Natalya especially is the go-to girl for making two minute matches worth taking a look at like her singles match with AJ months ago. The after match segment made things a lot better and I feel like the DoD have finally arrived as dominant heels. I suspect Kelly may drop the title to Beth on Sunday but WWE have still kept us guessing so maybe Kelly will walk away with another win. This time around I'm pulling for Beth because it's the right time to have a heel dominating the division and hopefully Beth is the one to do it. Overall rating: 7/10 (5 for the match)

I've never watched Hell In A Cell before and I'm likely not to do it again since none of the matches interest me that much considering they've only had two weeks to build them all up but of course I will be interested in seeing the outcomes. Hopefully TNA can also deliver some good build up towards Bound For Glory by hopefully putting their Knockouts Champion back on TV.

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